What Have I Been Up To?

It’s been a while….
And I’m here to say I’m sorry…

Or at least explain WHY I haven’t been updating nearly as much as I used to.
Because before I had backlog of stuff to put on and I could just roll them out. But… Sadly…

Life doesn’t allow those backups to last forever.

BUT! I can tell you the games and such that I have been playing and what’s going on! WHooo! Let me tell you, this has been a big system we have been playing:

… okay I may be showing off my bag that I have had FOR A LONG TIME and finally been able to use! But yes – both the husband and I have been playing the 3DS!~

I already mentioned us playing


But he’s really been caught up in


While I am in love with


I am actually thinking about writing a whole thing about Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright so you can hear alllllll about it.

I also have some more stuff to write about Dragon Age: Inquisition. (Something my wonderful husband said because of a particular circumstance I am facing that I have never had before….)

But I wanted to talk about something I had mentioned previously.

Remember when I said I was playing those Facebook Dating Sim Games? (The Girly Games?) Well….


Did you notice something….
That’s not even all of them. I am branching out to some other companies and seeing what is up. They aren’t even in order of my favorite (thought Lost Island is DEFINITELY the best!). But, another interesting thing that happens I suppose. I just… they are good time killers that don’t take much effort.

And I am a sucker for romance. Darn it!

So….. in summary:

  • Been playing a lot of 3DS
    • Both hubby and I
  • Been playing phone for girly games
  • Loving Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright
  • Husband likes Project X Zone
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition – New Experience?

Talk to y’all soon! Entries about games to come soon… ish?

Silly Girly Games: Shall We Date Series

I have a confession.

Even though I love playing games with intense and intricate plots (somewhat) and having control what a character does and where they go and play normal video games, I have recently (out of boredom) decided to mess with some simulation games. You know, the ones that don’t require a huge amount of time and just more of a casual thing that you can do when you have a random moment in the day.

And I was always curious about Sim Dating Games (Because the President in Skip Beat actually plays one!) and they are mentioned online or referenced to in Mangas. So, I thought – Why not?

Oh my goodness.


I am actually enjoying the Shall We Date series that is available on Facebook.


Trust me. I was surprised too.

Here are the 5 (Yes, FIVE) series I am currently working on (that are actually available on Facebook).

  1. Shall We Date: Wizardess Heart

This was the 3rd one I tried. Once I realized I had more of a wait time in my games, I wanted something to keep up with, I added this one.

Essentially you are the new girl in school – and not the best at using magic because it is mostly self taught. There are a lot of choices here: including an older brother of one of the other choices. There are two “Older” figures that are options. Yeah, caught my interest.

2. Shall We Date: Blood N’ Roses

This was the last one I joined. Apparently I had started this a long time ago – but none of it saved. Luckily. And how I know I played it long ago is because it was really familiar. I thought it would have been more active when I originally played it, not knowing the style. But this is okay. The more recent available interests seem to be more to my taste now. Or Jack. Should’ve but didn’t. But this one (Raymond) is proving to be interesting.

But somehow it is on the bottom of my favorite scale right now. I just feel like the other ones are done a little better.

3. Shall We Date: Love Tangle

The one that started this whole madness for me! Seriously. It was the first one I tried and honestly – IT IS MY FAVORITE. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea. Not sure why they wanted to confuse it by starting them in a pair and then have you chose, but it did show me one I would like to try after I finish my current fella. (Going for Nolan, but Miguel will be interesting to do next. If I continue.)

4. Shall We Date: Oz

This one isn’t bad. It is…. I don’t know. I like the characters. Though I do kind of wish I went with Oz instead of Crowlie because he seems like an interesting character, but having Crowlie wasn’t bad as a first choice. It’s… definitely a play off of the Wizard of Oz, but Wicked Witch of the West is a man named Wesley (not an option, and even though I wouldn’t have. Blegh). And somehow your three original companions have turned human! And they are getting used to it? *shrugs* Not bad overall, but honestly I enjoy Love Tangle and Wizardess Heart more.

5. Shall We Date: Destiny Ninja 2

Apparently the first one was so popular they made a second one. And… I ALMOST didn’t chose the guy because of some comments in the beginning, but I thought eh, why not. This one is okay. Has potential, but honestly, I feel more of a pull towards different ones.


So there we have it. The Shall We Date series on Facebook. Don’t judge. *laughs*

I only play them in my random moments… because in my “spare time” I play DAI and Pokemon! And Professor Layton….

Disney Infinity – CANCELED?

I didn’t believe it. When my husband told me last night as the news was breaking out, I was surprised. I would have never guessed it:

Disney Inifity

After the upcoming new releases for the game, they will no longer be in production. The game that had so much potential is going to be no longer a thing.

In a statement, Disney’s chairman of consumer products and interactive media, Jimmy Pitaro, said they have changed their approach to console gaming and would be transitioning “exclusively to a licensing model.” Part of that change means that Disney would be closing its Avalanche Software studio, putting close to 300 people out of work, but Pitaro said it was a decision the company did not make lightly.

-Julia Alexander, Polygon “Disney is Ending its Infinity Video Game Line, Shutting Down Avalance Software

Whoa…. this is shocking. I thought they were doing fairly well – but then again, I wasn’t paying much attention to it. Most of my interaction with it (besides playing it at one point, but I ended up stopping to play other games) was watching Lamar Wilson.

I guess I can see partially while it closed, but I thought it was doing so well with younger users. When I played it, I thought I would do the storylines and do the quest hunting – you know what I did? I built and worked on the Home in the game. I did a lot of “designing” AKA: Theme rooms. I really did seek out characters with the mini-quests and added rooms as required and got new stuff to put in the house. Everything that had to deal with one movie was together in one room, and the other room had all the items from a different movie. (My two biggest rooms was the Beauty and the Beast room and the Nightmare Before Christmas room.)

I was surprisingly hooked on that, but took breaks to play story line in other games. And then my breaks ended up being longer, until I no longer played. My daughter messed with the characters from time to time, but my husband did more with it than I did.

But they will release a few things before it is completely done.

Blackburn said that there would be two final releases from the line, including three more chapters from Alice Through the Looking Glass and the Finding Dory playset in June.

Thoughts? Opinions? Shock? I know I am. Did NOT see that coming….


SunAndMoon Intro

Sorry. Sooooo sorry. I got soooo excited when I was posting the title! I mean.. FINALLY! My husband and I have been so excited for this game and to finally have some INFO AND PICTURES-

Again. Sorry. Caps. They got away from me. Anyways, the Official Pokemon Channel on YouTube has shared this video!

And here is the clips from the video that I and others have taken. (Mine are lame with the bar on the bottom.)

SunAndMoon3SunAndMoon LittenSunAndMoon PopplioSunAndMoon RowletSunAndMoon MoonSunAndMoon SunSunAndMoon Cousin


Clearly this is based of a “Hawaii” type of feel this time – which I am totally okay with. And if I was reading properly, they have customizable characters again! This added a lot of excitement for me. How excited are you? My husband was showing me some concept art that people had from GUESSES based off of descriptions. And they were close. And the covers for the games:


Thank you all! I am squealing over here and just about to dance. Any idea which Pokemon you wanted to chose first? Know which version? Usually I go with dark and water and such so I thought I would lean more towards Moon. Not going to lie, Sun legendary looks pretty awesome. I may have to trade with the husband. But I am – and always will be – a water Pokemon Starter. Will always be. So the Seal it is. *laughs*

Who are you going to chose?

Let’s Do This…

Someone I am talking to about helping with a website mentioned how he started a Facebook Page for it. (Don’t worry! When we have it up and running, I will be writing and posting about it so y’all can come see and enjoy and participate!)

And I realized that that was a brilliant idea. Facebook. You can interact and do all that fun stuff. I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE interacting with you all. Talking, sharing stories, sharing what we like, what we don’t like and essentially nerding out over games and such. So, what did I do?


I started a Facebook Page.
Yes, I actually did a Facebook Page. You can click on these highlighted sentences to get there.

Now, the name is my “Username” on here. And I have two of my blogs mentioned (I know, I know… Two? Two of my blogs? Does that mean I have more? Yes. Yes I have more, but this one and my other one are actually ones I get interactions and post most on. For real.) So you’ll see some stuff that touches on both interests. Cool beans, right? Right.

So…. There we go. Like or do whatever people do on pages with Facebook and let’s connect!

(I am so going to nerd about how they FINALLY POSTED NEW POKEMON INFORMATION right now… so another entry soon? Ish?)