Let’s Do This…

Someone I am talking to about helping with a website mentioned how he started a Facebook Page for it. (Don’t worry! When we have it up and running, I will be writing and posting about it so y’all can come see and enjoy and participate!)

And I realized that that was a brilliant idea. Facebook. You can interact and do all that fun stuff. I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE interacting with you all. Talking, sharing stories, sharing what we like, what we don’t like and essentially nerding out over games and such. So, what did I do?


I started a Facebook Page.
Yes, I actually did a Facebook Page. You can click on these highlighted sentences to get there.

Now, the name is my “Username” on here. And I have two of my blogs mentioned (I know, I know… Two? Two of my blogs? Does that mean I have more? Yes. Yes I have more, but this one and my other one are actually ones I get interactions and post most on. For real.) So you’ll see some stuff that touches on both interests. Cool beans, right? Right.

So…. There we go. Like or do whatever people do on pages with Facebook and let’s connect!

(I am so going to nerd about how they FINALLY POSTED NEW POKEMON INFORMATION right now… so another entry soon? Ish?)


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