SunAndMoon Intro

Sorry. Sooooo sorry. I got soooo excited when I was posting the title! I mean.. FINALLY! My husband and I have been so excited for this game and to finally have some INFO AND PICTURES-

Again. Sorry. Caps. They got away from me. Anyways, the Official Pokemon Channel on YouTube has shared this video!

And here is the clips from the video that I and others have taken. (Mine are lame with the bar on the bottom.)

SunAndMoon3SunAndMoon LittenSunAndMoon PopplioSunAndMoon RowletSunAndMoon MoonSunAndMoon SunSunAndMoon Cousin


Clearly this is based of a “Hawaii” type of feel this time – which I am totally okay with. And if I was reading properly, they have customizable characters again! This added a lot of excitement for me. How excited are you? My husband was showing me some concept art that people had from GUESSES based off of descriptions. And they were close. And the covers for the games:


Thank you all! I am squealing over here and just about to dance. Any idea which Pokemon you wanted to chose first? Know which version? Usually I go with dark and water and such so I thought I would lean more towards Moon. Not going to lie, Sun legendary looks pretty awesome. I may have to trade with the husband. But I am – and always will be – a water Pokemon Starter. Will always be. So the Seal it is. *laughs*

Who are you going to chose?


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