Disney Infinity – CANCELED?

I didn’t believe it. When my husband told me last night as the news was breaking out, I was surprised. I would have never guessed it:

Disney Inifity

After the upcoming new releases for the game, they will no longer be in production. The game that had so much potential is going to be no longer a thing.

In a statement, Disney’s chairman of consumer products and interactive media, Jimmy Pitaro, said they have changed their approach to console gaming and would be transitioning “exclusively to a licensing model.” Part of that change means that Disney would be closing its Avalanche Software studio, putting close to 300 people out of work, but Pitaro said it was a decision the company did not make lightly.

-Julia Alexander, Polygon “Disney is Ending its Infinity Video Game Line, Shutting Down Avalance Software

Whoa…. this is shocking. I thought they were doing fairly well – but then again, I wasn’t paying much attention to it. Most of my interaction with it (besides playing it at one point, but I ended up stopping to play other games) was watching Lamar Wilson.

I guess I can see partially while it closed, but I thought it was doing so well with younger users. When I played it, I thought I would do the storylines and do the quest hunting – you know what I did? I built and worked on the Home in the game. I did a lot of “designing” AKA: Theme rooms. I really did seek out characters with the mini-quests and added rooms as required and got new stuff to put in the house. Everything that had to deal with one movie was together in one room, and the other room had all the items from a different movie. (My two biggest rooms was the Beauty and the Beast room and the Nightmare Before Christmas room.)

I was surprisingly hooked on that, but took breaks to play story line in other games. And then my breaks ended up being longer, until I no longer played. My daughter messed with the characters from time to time, but my husband did more with it than I did.

But they will release a few things before it is completely done.

Blackburn said that there would be two final releases from the line, including three more chapters from Alice Through the Looking Glass and the Finding Dory playset in June.

Thoughts? Opinions? Shock? I know I am. Did NOT see that coming….


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