What Have I Been Up To?

It’s been a while….
And I’m here to say I’m sorry…

Or at least explain WHY I haven’t been updating nearly as much as I used to.
Because before I had backlog of stuff to put on and I could just roll them out. But… Sadly…

Life doesn’t allow those backups to last forever.

BUT! I can tell you the games and such that I have been playing and what’s going on! WHooo! Let me tell you, this has been a big system we have been playing:

… okay I may be showing off my bag that I have had FOR A LONG TIME and finally been able to use! But yes – both the husband and I have been playing the 3DS!~

I already mentioned us playing


But he’s really been caught up in


While I am in love with


I am actually thinking about writing a whole thing about Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright so you can hear alllllll about it.

I also have some more stuff to write about Dragon Age: Inquisition. (Something my wonderful husband said because of a particular circumstance I am facing that I have never had before….)

But I wanted to talk about something I had mentioned previously.

Remember when I said I was playing those Facebook Dating Sim Games? (The Girly Games?) Well….


Did you notice something….
That’s not even all of them. I am branching out to some other companies and seeing what is up. They aren’t even in order of my favorite (thought Lost Island is DEFINITELY the best!). But, another interesting thing that happens I suppose. I just… they are good time killers that don’t take much effort.

And I am a sucker for romance. Darn it!

So….. in summary:

  • Been playing a lot of 3DS
    • Both hubby and I
  • Been playing phone for girly games
  • Loving Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright
  • Husband likes Project X Zone
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition – New Experience?

Talk to y’all soon! Entries about games to come soon… ish?


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