What I was MOST Excited about (E3!)

If you have been reading certain entries, you might know EXACTLY what I am going to be referring to…..

But just in case you haven’t seen it (and my Facebook was FULL of it and I was so happy):

YES! Oh my goodness yes! Zelda is my all-time favorite series in the world and I will ALWAYS always always freak out about it. And yes. Full of yes. So you guys will be hearing (more like READING) me talk about this.

Next post will be about all things E3 though! I promise!
(PS: if you want to see the beginning of Gameplay, scroll to bottom!)

Anyways, yes,…. this is a lot of the pictures from the Trailer. Sorry. I had to. I had so many commentssssssss… let’s get started!


As soon as I saw that first scene – I KNEW I just knew. I started freaking out and even later when my husband called me over because he hadn’t seen it yet, I STILL freaked out.

These scenes reminded me of other games. The one on the right reminded me of Great Bay/Zora Cape. That was my first thought. So I wondered what kind of things would be going on there.


My mind was like “What IS that?” It looks skeleton-like… but it is MUCH bigger than the normal bone baddies. I… am super excited.


Oh… Hyrule Castle… my how the landscape changes over time. (And yes, I wondered where in Hyrule Timeline this takes place.)

Oh, cool thing, I wonder -OH! Bum bum BUUUUUM!

He still flies! And now we apparently tame wild horses?

That bridge looks a lot like the one from Twilight Princess… wait a second… he’s climbing the tower? I had a flashback to Assassin’s Creed for a moment. But yup, that is definitely Link! They showed him climbing mountains/rocks as well.

And now he cuts trees and cooks food! You have NO IDEA how excited this made me! I don’t know why, but especially the COOKING aspect just made me all sorts of excited.


What in the world is THAT. I bet it is very important….


And what is this?


Yup. More bum bum bum moments. …. Ganondorf? Any chance you are tied to this still?

Is-is that a SPEAR? And actual spear… WAIT! Is that ARMOR? Like actual Knight style Armor? Holy Macaroni and Cheese!

Throw back anyone?


And with a Zelda Game, you never fail with this classic set-up shot of the legendary sword.


You guys, I am so excited. Seriously….

Sorrry, I originally said more for each shot, but I am running out of time…. But as promised: GAMEPLAY



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