E3 Review Part 1 – EA Games


Finally! I have only been talking about it for a while…. Okay, well, maybe on here I have only mentioned it twice, but on my twitter and other social places that I go I have been talking and nerding out about it.

I won’t go too in-depth about all that is going on. I am just going to show what interest me the most: The Games. They do talk hardware and other things, but the only thing I care about is what is new in regards to games. I know that some of this isn’t new games but DLCs and additions, but I know there are people who are still excited about it. Let’s get started, shall we?

(Warning: Trailor HEAVY because I will be showing links/putting the videos here.)

Battlefield 1:


Usually I am not for shooters, but this game is supposed to take place World War 1! Definitely something that has NOT been touched much in games. A setting we have all heard of and just catches my interest – to say the least. From what I hear, they are going back to what “Makes the series great” (quote the husband) and that is exciting. Maybe they listen to their gamers…


I mean… seriously… tanks AND horses… I may have to work on my aim for this one.

Madden 17:

Let me start by saying this – I am NOT a sports game fan. I just am not. And EA is a big “Sports Games” thing so half the time I don’t pay attention. With that said, this is the ONLY shot that really caught my interest:


Because…. I am a Panthers fan. That is all. I cannot – I am not sure about the mechanics, what all they are bringing to the game. BUT if you want opinions and deeper information about this, let me know, and I can ask the husband and figure out what information may be interesting for those who actually like it.

That being said:

Don’t get me wrong. It looks great. Just not for me. And of course –

FIFA 17:

Now here is something neat: They are adding a new factor/feature for the FIFA Storyline type of deal. It actually sounds cool – but it is still a soccer/sports game to me. But according to IGN:

the campaign follows an up-and-coming fictional soccer player named Alex Hunter. Players will make decisions about his personal life and will watch his fortunes rise or fall depending on how players manage to perform on the pitch.


Neat right?


That’s him. Instead of the normal Trailer, I am going to post “The Journey” Trailer, because it appeals to me more. ;P

Star Wars:

Bunch of stuff about Star Wars… Like a confirmed Battlefront 2! Now, I haven’t had a chance to tear into Battlefront yet, but I promise – I will. The brief I have played was kind of awesome (Being Darth Vader was a plus!) and so I am excited about this. Some people were disappointed about it, but hey, can’t please everyone, right?


Not really a trailer. Just giving us info and an inside look at this. But you know that isn’t all bad. ;D

Titanfall 2:

You have NO IDEA how pumped up my husband when he saw this. He likes this series and has been stoked about it for a while.


I was actually a little excited about the gameplay I was seeing. Again, because I am a poor shot, I tend to ignore these games, but they are starting to appeal to me more. I may just have to suck it up and try them. Because… well…. Hey, you get to play with other people and play in groups. As much as I love my games, they aren’t the easiest to do multiplayer with sometimes.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

THERE WE GO! Y’all should know by know that I am a HUGE BIOWARE fan. So – this –


YES! I squeed. I was so excited. And they showed some of the back stuff before the little teaser trailer. And you can see how they worked on it and whatnot- Count me an excited fangirl. Thanks.


Not going to lie. I was like… what? What is this? It looks interesting. From what I have figured out, it has an interesting concept.



Consider me intrigued. Not sure if I’ll buy it though… I might. Who knows. With all the games I want… >.<


I think that was it! For at least EA. Now, I listed the games as I saw them in the video that I will list below. My mentions are in the order that are talked about in the “Pre” talk type of deal. But it is fun to watch the whole thing. I think the last hour is about Battlefield 1 and streaming gameplay. Which if you want to see what is like, GO FOR IT!

All my info was essentially from the video and the trailers I looked up on YouTube. Also check out GameSpot’s E3 Expo Takeover for a lot of information as well.

See y’all soon with the next batch of information: Bethesda.


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