Something I Haven’t Done In A While


You win brownie points if you know what this is from.

I have come to realize that I haven’t played a PC game in a while (unless you count Facebook games – which we don’t. At least not for now. ;P) and wanted to see how my characters looked. And to see if I still remembered how to play Guild Wars 2. (oooooh Answer!)

Just so you know: I do.

And this picture makes me laugh.
“What are you doing?”
“It’s for the picture!”
“What in the world are you talking about?”
“Oh you messed it up by looking at me!”

Yes, where was I…

Right. Playing the game. I was continuing on my journey to complete the map, when I just randomly really wanted to work on Storyline quests. Let me tell you – Being a level 80 DOES NOTHING. Seriously. I died so many times being surrounded by stupid fire crabs who were only a few levels above being half my level. It was utterly pathetic. Seriously. How does – why-

So to make myself feel better, I took pictures of all the characters I have. No, I don’t know why it made me feel better. Yes, I am a little shallow with my characters. No, I don’t care what you think. ;P

I really wanted to get into this again. But I truly believe this game in particular is just SO MUCH BETTER when playing and leveling up with someone else. Most of the guild I am in is no longer active.

Oh right, I promised pictures….


Yay name similarities! Oh, if someone else using “Oyoa” for something on Guild Wars, it is NOT me. These are my ONLY Guild War characters!

Oh, the results of me trying to play? I just couldn’t. This is one of the few that I really did not want to play alone. It seems odd because I like doing the story quests and exploring, but it is just so much better with someone else.

It Has been a While…

Nd I know I said I would post more about E3…. but I got caught up. And part of what is funny is that half of it is gaming related. 

Plus the fact that I now have an ASSOCIATES DEGREE! (Next step: Bachelors!)

So what have I been up to?

Goodness… a slew of games. Let us see….

Where did I last leave off? Well, I cannot remember if I mentioned that I had to restart the Uncharted series (which means I have to go through the RED ROOM OF DEATH again.). But mainly that I have started this game as well:

Why? E3 baby! I am enjoying the protagonist that they showed for Dishonored 2. And I just cannot go and play two if I have not played the first…. so there we go!

I also went ahead and broke my heart again. Yes, I played a Solasmancing Elf on 

Did I mention that I finished the TWO EXPANSION PACKS THAT I HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE?? Plus I did a lot of places that I had always skipped and ignored. This play through was an eye opener because I now am starting to realise on all that I truly missed out on. Holy crap I love this game! Flippin Descent as shown me so much more about Dwarves that I must create some dwarf characters soon. ….. after my Cullen-living Mage of course

Oh. Yeah. By the way, I made my first Dragon Age mage. Never done one in the entire series. And my daughter chose her make-up colors: 

(I do have a better quality picture of her that requires me doing some financing and I just don’t want to yet.)

Oh, and I have also started 

 It…. isn’t bad. And honestly I thought I would love it. It has a very “old style gaming” feel to it. And it makes you think. Puzzles and all that. And it is gorgeous. (Seriously, would have never guessed it was an indy game. Well done.) 

For those who like the 2D and complete older style gaming, you will love it. It has a good story, and is very interesting. I play a good hour and a half at least…. I wasn’t completely in it, but my daughter loved watching me play and one day I will go back to it. I. Fact, my daughter keeps asking when I am going to play. I need to finish it for both of us.

I will also probably start 

. You are probably saying “Girl, you need to finish some of those other games first.” And I agree. I will probably confuse myself about the controls on Dishonored because I wasn’t completely used to them yet when I switched and I need to master them so I don’t have to kill many (aiming for killing few. Too late for Clean Hands but I can still work on killing less) and yeah. 

So, that is the story so far. What has been the game of choice for you?