It Has been a While…

Nd I know I said I would post more about E3…. but I got caught up. And part of what is funny is that half of it is gaming related. 

Plus the fact that I now have an ASSOCIATES DEGREE! (Next step: Bachelors!)

So what have I been up to?

Goodness… a slew of games. Let us see….

Where did I last leave off? Well, I cannot remember if I mentioned that I had to restart the Uncharted series (which means I have to go through the RED ROOM OF DEATH again.). But mainly that I have started this game as well:

Why? E3 baby! I am enjoying the protagonist that they showed for Dishonored 2. And I just cannot go and play two if I have not played the first…. so there we go!

I also went ahead and broke my heart again. Yes, I played a Solasmancing Elf on 

Did I mention that I finished the TWO EXPANSION PACKS THAT I HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE?? Plus I did a lot of places that I had always skipped and ignored. This play through was an eye opener because I now am starting to realise on all that I truly missed out on. Holy crap I love this game! Flippin Descent as shown me so much more about Dwarves that I must create some dwarf characters soon. ….. after my Cullen-living Mage of course

Oh. Yeah. By the way, I made my first Dragon Age mage. Never done one in the entire series. And my daughter chose her make-up colors: 

(I do have a better quality picture of her that requires me doing some financing and I just don’t want to yet.)

Oh, and I have also started 

 It…. isn’t bad. And honestly I thought I would love it. It has a very “old style gaming” feel to it. And it makes you think. Puzzles and all that. And it is gorgeous. (Seriously, would have never guessed it was an indy game. Well done.) 

For those who like the 2D and complete older style gaming, you will love it. It has a good story, and is very interesting. I play a good hour and a half at least…. I wasn’t completely in it, but my daughter loved watching me play and one day I will go back to it. I. Fact, my daughter keeps asking when I am going to play. I need to finish it for both of us.

I will also probably start 

. You are probably saying “Girl, you need to finish some of those other games first.” And I agree. I will probably confuse myself about the controls on Dishonored because I wasn’t completely used to them yet when I switched and I need to master them so I don’t have to kill many (aiming for killing few. Too late for Clean Hands but I can still work on killing less) and yeah. 

So, that is the story so far. What has been the game of choice for you?


7 thoughts on “It Has been a While…

  1. Not meaning to necro your post! Currently I’m on a Minecraft kick again, along with Red Dead Redemption, Forza Horizon 2, and trying to find all of my GameCube stuff. I seriously need to get back into Dragon Age Inquisition again and play the expansions. My first playthrough was as a sword-and-board Warrior and I’m thinking that I need to be a Rogue next time.

    I’m glad to hear that you got a degree! I’m still working on my Bachelors.

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    1. Psh, respond and comment as much as you want! Having conversations and talking about things we enjoy is the best!

      I have been DYING to try Red Dead Redemption! I had it for PS3, but my PS3 died before I had a chance! They now have it backwards compatible on the XboxOne, so I might just have to invest in that. And anything Nintendo has my vote. I really want to replay Majora’s Mask. I know they have it for 3DS so I might need to do that as well.

      I will ALWAYS encourage DAI! I have to ask: Did you go Templars or Mages? Did you romance anyone? Who? And … anything you want to talk Dragon Age I am all up for! I would highly encourage Rouge though. ;P (I still need to do duel welding daggers. I will!)

      Ooooh, what is your major for your Bachelors?

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  2. Well I highly recommend RDR. It looks damn good even for being as old as it is and for a previous gen system. Sadly, my GameCube is lacking controllers. I might be able to find some in my parent’s storage unit though. They have a ton of my old stuff stashed away in there from when I was a kid.

    My first time through I ended up romancing Cassandra but sided with the Mages. I did what I could to mitigate casualties though. I can see the merits of both sides which is what I figure Bioware intended. I’m likely going to play as a dagger-wielding Rogue.

    I’m currently majoring in Computer Science with an emphasis on Information Systems. I’m a huge nerd šŸ™‚

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    1. Next on my list then… if I ever get to truly spend time on “the list”. ;P
      Oh, wish I could help. My own GameCube is across the country from me.

      Oh, I don’t blame you with Cassandra. I love her. She is… I just want to hug her. I always befriend her, for she is the type of person you will always want on your side. ^.^ And I am glad you can see the benefit of both sides. I love how BioWare shows that there is a point for both sides and there is no true right or wrong. Oh, I could do a whole discussion on that point alone. ;P It is why my DA2 Experience was so interesting. People said I was a hopper – I just wanted to save as many people as I could.

      Oh! Nerds are fantastic! I am a nerd but in a different sense. If I had the mind for that, I would have. I like being an assistant and doing the paperwork/be at the desk helping/arrange and gathering info as needed. So to help become “Executive Assistant” I went for Business Administration with emphasis on Project Management. Though I would become a Voice Actor in a heartbeat if I could.

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  3. I appreciate it honestly but I know we have my controllers somewhere. I can always just buy a new one too.

    The one thing that I noticed about playing as a tank is that I never had much of a reason to take Cassandra along with me anywhere. I’m definitely going to make sure I do that on the next playthrough. Varric was always in my party though. Usually along with Iron Bull. It sounds like you have a potential post on your hands regarding the morality issue šŸ™‚ My issue with most games is that developers tend to go pure black and white with morality – like with Fallout 3, Fable 1/2/3, and Infamous 1/2.

    I’ve always been so good with computers, but I have an affinity for writing. I’ve really taken to the idea of blogging and despite how I’ve gone all-in on my chosen career, I would love to be a professional writer. Either for a gaming website or to write a book. Maybe both! I’d say that it is entirely possible that you might be able to still fulfill your dream of being a voice actor though. Gotta build the portfolio!

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    1. Oooohhhh. You make a marvelous point. The whole morality in games…. goodness. *jots down notes* Will credit you for that one. ;P

      Well, I wish you luck with all endevors! Shoot, if you want a writing buddy one day, count me in! XD

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