So I Stumbled Across This Online Article…

Do we all know about my love for:


Well, we should. I love this game – yet have somehow never finished it. And I need to. For real guys.

ANYWAY – I stumbled across this: Awesome Video Games No One Bought
Guys, GUYS, the picture that showed when I was randomly reading online had a screen shot from Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning! So you KNOW I had to click.

And what was the first game? Yes. This article already was in my good graces.

I don’t recognize a lot of the titles (I am a Gamer, but not a “Deep Gamer”), but I have added a few more because of this list.
Like Beyond Good & Evil. (Because it is apparently available on Playstation Network and Xbox Live?)
And Okami. (Gameplay inspired by Legend of Zelda?)
And Dark Cloud.
And Valkyria Chronicles (I remember seeing this before and wanting to play it! Never remembered the name.. but now I know!)

But I thought I would share it for those who enjoy reading things like this. And because my nerdiness brought a huge love because of the first game mentioned.

What do you guys think of the games on this list? Any of these you have a love for that you would like to tell me about? Because I would love some input on the ones I listed – because I have limited time already, is it worth going back for them?

ConMan – Not what I was expecting…

And in a good way. Usually with the word ConMan , I assume a type of trickster. But no, they are referring to someone who goes to Cons! Like Conventions!

So, I was going through my twitter feed when Nolan North (actor who plays Drake from Uncharted) was posting and talking about a game coming out/came out! And I needed a break away from my PS4 (Impossible, right? My brain is just tired y’all) and Town of Salem is being super laggy – so I thought “Why not?”

For nerdy gamers kind of by nerdy gamers/people, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to because it is a mobile game. And I tend to lose in those quickly. But hey, worth a shot? Plus, it is about a CON and I really want to go to one!

Not bad. The usual handle and set up like other games make it easy to figure it out and set up as you like. They have building, solving issues, and alien fights-

Oh yeah. I said it. Alien fights. 

And it isn’t a bad system. I picked it up by the second battle and now I have two super fans to help so it is all good. I should have taken a picture, but I was too concerned I would miss a shield moment to protect them.

Overall, not bad. Not limited by energy – you win a MILLION points for that game developers – and a decent way to kill time if needed. Now, I am not one to maintain this everyday like most people recommend, but play once in a while and trying to make sure no more streaking grandmas (yes, nude grandmas) sneak in, it is interesting.

Worth the download so far.

1886 – My YouTube ramble


Ah yes, I still post these. I meant to do it like once a week, but we all know how that goes sometimes. I should do a couple in a row for a couple of days, but things do not work out that way.

With that being said: This is mostly my rambling. Trying to get used to the idea of it all and figuring out what all I want to do with it. It started as a practice just to get my voice out there. Now it is fun.

My Newest Obsession: Town of Salem

One day at work, a patient, my boss, and I were talking about some games we loved and highly enjoyed. She talked about this game called Mafia – and once she started describing it, I nerded out because I remember a game like that but it was called Werewolf and I learned it at DragonCon.

So, not only did I get a fun “down memory lane” trip thing, I also missed that game. No one else seemed to know it. So I tried to see if there was a way to play it online.


I have been playing this like 3 days straight. (When I can.) Let me tell you:


This game. Is just. Amazing.

If you are familiar with Mafia and Werewolf, you’ll catch on quick. If not, here is a rundown.
You and a group of people are assigned a part in this Town. There are innocent people (referred to as Inno) who are the different townsfolk. Each person has a job. Doctor heals people. Sheriff investigates to help figure out people’s roles so they can figure out who the bad guys are. Investigators get clues to what a person’s role might be. You know, a group of people trying to work together to Lynch/Hang bad people – Usually the Mafia.

Mafia is a group of people who kill anyone non-mafia related at night. Godfather is the lead, and then there are others. Generally there are 3-4 per town/game played. Your job is to deceive the innocent townsfolk so you can continue to do your dirty work.

Then, there are others. Just random others. Werewolf (YES), Vampire (Rare), Arsonist (Stinkin hard to play, let me say), Jester (is trying to get themselves lynched and then gets revenge on those who voted guilty), and others. Seriously, I haven’t gotten to try all yet.

Anyways, it is trying to use logic, your noggin, lying, and figuring out people and what they say. It is fun. Of course you get your party poopers once in a while, but it can work I tell you!


This is the setup. It isn’t huge, but yeah (As you can tell, the townspeople are clearly LOSING this particular game. In fact, I was dead and can be seen talking to other ‘dead’ people.)

The only thing I really dislike – When people just up and quit. Leave. I mean, SERIOUSLY? If you aren’t going to play, don’t join a town! If you don’t like your role, just do it anyways, otherwise you ruin it for others.

I also recommend staying when dead. You can talk to some neato people there too. And also, do NOT take things personally! If I lie to you because I am GF (Godfather) and my goal is to kill you, do not take it as a personal offense. It is a game y’all. That is how it is played.


If you want to whisper (which I don’t recommend often because it makes you look guilty a lot) then you type:

/w (Name of person or their number) Type message here.

Do NOT include the ().


Picture of a “Night” shot as a Mafia Member. (Not me. I had to look this one up. I always get so caught up I forget to take pictures. For real.)

Want to play? Go for it! Want to add me? Sure! Seriously, I am easy to find. Look up “Oyoa”. I will add you. I can help teach you.

Not every game will be awesome. There are some dumb people who ruin it or can be annoying. Tough. What game with others do you know that DOESN’T have that? Keep with it. It is fun. Hard to understand? You’ll get it, I promise. And don’t be afraid to ask me for help. For real.

And that, my friends, is my newest obsession. Besides Dragon Age, of course. ;P

Blogger Recognition Award!

Wait – what? I was mentioned in one of these? Holy Mac and Cheese! Totally made my night! I was getting ready to talk about my newest game obsession, but instead, let’s do this (I’ll post in a couple of days. Or maybe tomorrow. We’ll see how time works out.)

First off, thank you FalconReviewsBlog! (Was going to use Username, but I was unsure how comfortable you were with that. So name of blog it is!) I just- wow. First off, if anyone wants to talk games, this person is a blast. I actually have an article I am saving up based off a discussion we had. (Saved up because I might be using it on a gaming site that may be in the works. You didn’t hear it from me though… yet….) But honestly, so much fun. Is on social media and reacts and is just overall all sorts of awesome. And comments. And replies. And responds. Seriously, awesome person with an awesome blog. (And apparently I haven’t been following, but I always go and check out when we talk. I fail. But I fixed that once I realized it. *thumbs up*)

And because I am one for rules, I do them in order.
I know. “Really?” Yes, really.


Tadah! Isn’t it beautiful?

Anyway… what’s next…

Back to the Beginning: An Origin Story
(I will not be offended if you skip and jump to Advice or 5 Cool People AKA 5 Awesome Bloggers)


So, how my blog came about and why it still happens is actually kind of funny. I knew I wanted to blog. I wanted to write about things and just get it out there for the fun of it. I had a CollegeMomsAreHere at one point (because I do take college classes, working on my Bachelors, got my Associates) and thought I could talk about it and anything on my mind. It died quickly. I think I have a “mom” blog, but I just couldn’t – Anyway.


I also have one for couponing, but realized it worked better as a “Learn to Coupon” site type of deal. So nix. My other blog that actually still lives and will be added to more once I start working out again is my StrugglingThroughToFitness. But through all of these, I noticed one thing: I talked mostly about Gaming. Or tying it in. So I started writing about it and kept up with with and the fitness one. And then the fitness one started dying.


But gaming – I am sorry, you can’t stop me from it. There is so much about it that just makes my life that much better. I can game with my husband and my daughter. It helps keep my mind up and helps me relax, and is a good common ground to talk to other people. And apparently I can be entertaining when I am ME and doing what I love to do. And then I found myself still updating this blog even when my other one was just BOOMING – because this is where my passion lies. And honestly, I have made a few friends through here. (Some will be mentioned soon. I’m getting there.)

Game Heart

And when all else failed, I was still here. Talking and enjoying about things I love. And it wasn’t about followers, or likes, or anything really. But a couple interactions here and there and I get to talk about things I like – Yeah, I could get used to it. ;P Even when there are slumps, picking it back up is almost like second nature. So now GamingGirl lives.

But most of all, I get to talk to some pretty awesome people. And interact.

Enough about me though. Golly that must have been boring to read!

Advice to Other Bloggers


Oh goodness, I have to give advice? I wasn’t sure if I’d be good at this, but here it goes!

  1. Make sure you talk about something you like. Seriously. Or at least be able to talk about it with some sort of passion. If you think it is boring you generally write ‘boring.’
  2. Be yourself. Look, I am wordy and boring and sometimes just talk about the most RANDOM things. But it works for me. I have an energy that comes through with my writing. Cool beans right? Yeah, it can work.
  3. Don’t be afraid about being ‘nerdy.’ Look, what you write won’t be for everyone, but those who find it and like it will appreciate it.
  4. Mostly – write for you. Don’t write for likes or subscribers. Updates are nice though (working on that) but they aren’t everything. People forgive you: I mean, look at the people who read MY BLOG. I have dry spells. Life happens. We understand.

My Nominations


  • HolesInMySocks: This guy is hilarious. And nice. And seems like a really cool dad with good advice and perceptions. I honestly look forward to when he posts. And he’s one of the first people I REALLY started talking to here on my site. We talk games and the effect it has had on us and our lives. Dude is cool. End of story.
  • Falcon509: I know, they recommended me and honestly high on my list. I already told my story – but cool person to talk with! So worth the read. Apparently I need to catch up on No Man Sky stuff (I started it, husband working on it) and want to see opinion. Will happen. Promise.
  • 1001Up: They have cool perspectives. I find myself agreeing with Kim a lot, but mostly, it is just people having fun, and talking about gaming. Tis what inspired me to try to start a YouTube Channel (I will make a video this week. I swear.)
  • Errr… it says 5, but these are the main ones I read. I subscribe to others but I rush through and don’t read. I promise I will fix this list at a later time. I swear it.


What now?

You folks that have been tapped, you have the opportunity to recognize another blogger. Just follow the rules below! (You know, besides Falcon509 because… well, you DID this already.)

The rules:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you.
  • Attach the award to the post.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give a piece of advice or two to new bloggers.
  • Select 5 other bloggers you want to give the award to.


I’m Back at it Again…


I have come back from the dead! Oh something like that. I decided to be closer to my real self and talk. And let me tell you, I didn’t realize how much I had in me. I talked. And may have repeated myself, but you know what, that is okay. That is me.

Games you want me to talk about?
Particular gameplay that you want me to show?
Just a topic you want to hear my opinion?

Tell me. Because I am going to actually make sure to spend time at least once a week making a video, talking, and posting here. You know me, I may post more than that (I mean, this is ME we are talking about) but let’s get this started!

Thank you all for dealing with me. Because let me say: Holy crap I can talk a lot.

But I’ve been told, some wouldn’t have it any other way. *laughs*

I will now go hide in a corner while this all goes one.

My “Asian” Inquisitor


I usually don’t concentrate on my character’s ethnicity. But I wanted to try something different. I wanted to try making an “Asian” Inquisitor – with my daughter’s help. She wanted to help design her which is why she has purple eyes and eyeshadow.

So, here are her pictures. Because I felt like sharing her somewhere. (And the “Hawke” that is in this game.)

Whoo!! I was excited about her, not going to lie.

Adjusted Hawke