Odd but Real Question (YouTube Related)

Yes, you read that right, I am asking about what you watch on YouTube.


We all tend to watch gaming videos, and some of us subscribe and all that jazz. (Hello BioFan and LadyInsanity! I love those channels.) But I have to ask:

What do you prefer?

The channels where people are playing games but talk about just about anything/everything?
Where people barely talk and if they do it is game related?
Or people how talk but it is ALL game related?

I am rethinking about starting working on my channel again and working with it. I don’t believe I chose the right format for me last time – Including the fact that I am making an new intro video.

But would you watch someone who talks about anything?
Or do you purely watch just for the Gameplay?

Which YouTube Channels do you prefer/like?

Let me know! Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Odd but Real Question (YouTube Related)

  1. I think the same applies to a blog as it does to a channel on YouTube. You want to know the audience you’re aiming for. The channels I tend to subscribe to have hosts that attempt to inject humor into their work.

    All in all, I subscribe to very few channels. Among them are Screen Junkies, Cinema Sins, Jim Sterling, AngryJoeShow, Outside Xbox, Feminist Frequency, and Star Talk Radio.

    Each one I subscribe to offers something different. I’m not into gameplay videos that have little-to-no input from the broadcaster. I prefer content creators that have something they can add to the channel besides the basics.

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