I’m Back at it Again…


I have come back from the dead! Oh something like that. I decided to be closer to my real self and talk. And let me tell you, I didn’t realize how much I had in me. I talked. And may have repeated myself, but you know what, that is okay. That is me.

Games you want me to talk about?
Particular gameplay that you want me to show?
Just a topic you want to hear my opinion?

Tell me. Because I am going to actually make sure to spend time at least once a week making a video, talking, and posting here. You know me, I may post more than that (I mean, this is ME we are talking about) but let’s get this started!

Thank you all for dealing with me. Because let me say: Holy crap I can talk a lot.

But I’ve been told, some wouldn’t have it any other way. *laughs*

I will now go hide in a corner while this all goes one.


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