My Newest Obsession: Town of Salem

One day at work, a patient, my boss, and I were talking about some games we loved and highly enjoyed. She talked about this game called Mafia – and once she started describing it, I nerded out because I remember a game like that but it was called Werewolf and I learned it at DragonCon.

So, not only did I get a fun “down memory lane” trip thing, I also missed that game. No one else seemed to know it. So I tried to see if there was a way to play it online.


I have been playing this like 3 days straight. (When I can.) Let me tell you:


This game. Is just. Amazing.

If you are familiar with Mafia and Werewolf, you’ll catch on quick. If not, here is a rundown.
You and a group of people are assigned a part in this Town. There are innocent people (referred to as Inno) who are the different townsfolk. Each person has a job. Doctor heals people. Sheriff investigates to help figure out people’s roles so they can figure out who the bad guys are. Investigators get clues to what a person’s role might be. You know, a group of people trying to work together to Lynch/Hang bad people – Usually the Mafia.

Mafia is a group of people who kill anyone non-mafia related at night. Godfather is the lead, and then there are others. Generally there are 3-4 per town/game played. Your job is to deceive the innocent townsfolk so you can continue to do your dirty work.

Then, there are others. Just random others. Werewolf (YES), Vampire (Rare), Arsonist (Stinkin hard to play, let me say), Jester (is trying to get themselves lynched and then gets revenge on those who voted guilty), and others. Seriously, I haven’t gotten to try all yet.

Anyways, it is trying to use logic, your noggin, lying, and figuring out people and what they say. It is fun. Of course you get your party poopers once in a while, but it can work I tell you!


This is the setup. It isn’t huge, but yeah (As you can tell, the townspeople are clearly LOSING this particular game. In fact, I was dead and can be seen talking to other ‘dead’ people.)

The only thing I really dislike – When people just up and quit. Leave. I mean, SERIOUSLY? If you aren’t going to play, don’t join a town! If you don’t like your role, just do it anyways, otherwise you ruin it for others.

I also recommend staying when dead. You can talk to some neato people there too. And also, do NOT take things personally! If I lie to you because I am GF (Godfather) and my goal is to kill you, do not take it as a personal offense. It is a game y’all. That is how it is played.


If you want to whisper (which I don’t recommend often because it makes you look guilty a lot) then you type:

/w (Name of person or their number) Type message here.

Do NOT include the ().


Picture of a “Night” shot as a Mafia Member. (Not me. I had to look this one up. I always get so caught up I forget to take pictures. For real.)

Want to play? Go for it! Want to add me? Sure! Seriously, I am easy to find. Look up “Oyoa”. I will add you. I can help teach you.

Not every game will be awesome. There are some dumb people who ruin it or can be annoying. Tough. What game with others do you know that DOESN’T have that? Keep with it. It is fun. Hard to understand? You’ll get it, I promise. And don’t be afraid to ask me for help. For real.

And that, my friends, is my newest obsession. Besides Dragon Age, of course. ;P


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