ConMan – Not what I was expecting…

And in a good way. Usually with the word ConMan , I assume a type of trickster. But no, they are referring to someone who goes to Cons! Like Conventions!

So, I was going through my twitter feed when Nolan North (actor who plays Drake from Uncharted) was posting and talking about a game coming out/came out! And I needed a break away from my PS4 (Impossible, right? My brain is just tired y’all) and Town of Salem is being super laggy – so I thought “Why not?”

For nerdy gamers kind of by nerdy gamers/people, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to because it is a mobile game. And I tend to lose in those quickly. But hey, worth a shot? Plus, it is about a CON and I really want to go to one!

Not bad. The usual handle and set up like other games make it easy to figure it out and set up as you like. They have building, solving issues, and alien fights-

Oh yeah. I said it. Alien fights. 

And it isn’t a bad system. I picked it up by the second battle and now I have two super fans to help so it is all good. I should have taken a picture, but I was too concerned I would miss a shield moment to protect them.

Overall, not bad. Not limited by energy – you win a MILLION points for that game developers – and a decent way to kill time if needed. Now, I am not one to maintain this everyday like most people recommend, but play once in a while and trying to make sure no more streaking grandmas (yes, nude grandmas) sneak in, it is interesting.

Worth the download so far.


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