So, this “Twitch” thing…

You would think with ALL I have to do and trying to be a responsible adult, I wouldn’t spend time trying to figure out things that aren’t exactly…. high on the priority list.

You would be dead wrong. *laughs*

Guess who figured out


Come on, one little guess?


That’s riiiiight! Mwuahahah! More ways to BUG the internet! Awesome, right? I am stoked. You guys, for real. Now, I need to figure out how that works with recording on El Gato, if my speaking also records, and whatnot. For real. Oh my goodness. This is exciting new territory.

EDIT: No, I didn’t forget to link it even though I was talking about it. Psh

My Twitch Channel


3 thoughts on “So, this “Twitch” thing…

      1. Twitch is so hard to interface with! I still can’t maneuver the menus very well, but if you go to your profile, you can click on followers and you should find me there. If not, it’s just

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