When Things Happen…

As I mentioned last time, I started playing Batman: Telltale Game.
And I LOVE it! It is fantastic and just some of the things I am like “OHMGAWD IT IS…” and then I have to get back in the game because “Crap! I was supposed to hit what button again?”

In my defense, I only messed up Once when it counted. There were a few others that I may have missed but it didn’t have any long term effect. Thank goodness.

Anyways, I did finish Episode one (thought I would not get Twitch to work – so much easier on PS4), and I was excited to jump to Episode Two.

Someone was kind enough to inform me that they are not all out like I thought (Well then… wait… does that mean I am not SO FAR BEHIND like I normally am?!?!?) but that Episode Two is out.So Yay! Season pass with Xbox One disc.



There is a goof-up! It keeps prompting me to buy the next episode, but I should be getting it without having to pay!! The game even says “Purchased but not downloaded.” So I went through this whole thing trying to figure out what I did wrong.

My husband got involved too.

And turns out – it wasn’t my error. There is an issue.


4 pages of people saying they are having the EXACT same problem. I go cry now?


The game is GOOD. Y’all, I am so pleased with the story so far.


I am not going to spoil it for anyone here (YouTube is a whole other story. I am going to post all chapters from the episode when I get a chance. Because…. I have to record audio. That is so much harder than you would think it would be. XD Or I could post without me talking…. Hmmmmm.)

But I am stoked. And while they work on fixing this whole thing (seriously, PLEASE be soon, I want to continue. If I would have realized it wasn’t fully out yet, I would have waited.) I am going to go play Mass Effect.



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