The List Goes On!!

I haven’t been on much, this I know. I am trying to get some gaming time here and there and exploring different games. I have been helping my husband on his Forza Horizon 3 (to get all the streets and with some barn finds – and to wreck his cars apparently):


I tried ReCore (which was actually a LOT of fun! I might have to buy this game). Honestly, once I was able to get a hold of it, it was easy to figure out and had a nostalgic type of feel to the game place. And it was BEAUTIFUL. My screen captures do NO JUSTICE.:


I tried playing FIFA – the newest one, because the whole “The Journey” actually appeals to me. I might buy a sports game just for that part. Because… I am a sucker for that. Not going to lie. (Not my clip for picture):


I also started playing Sunset Overdrive! (It has been out forever but I have been wanting to play. I was trying to hold off and finish all current games, but let’s just face it – I am not good at this ONE GAME thing. Unless it is Dragon Age.)

I may or may not have changed her look a couple of times.

But yeah…. I’m not far in many games – in fact, two of those were trials/demos. But you get the idea. I don’t get much time to play, but I try to make it worthwhile. This was fun y’all.

(And you already know I am playing TellTale Batman, right? ;P)


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