My Gaming Life is on Pause


I have hit a point I never thought I would; I need a break from gaming. I know, a collective gasp from everyone. But right now, I cannot find the motivation to play my normal games and continue with story lines or decide if this person shall live and how it may affect the overall gameplay.

Skyrim has come out today. I had no idea. I cannot even keep up right now because –

I guess I just need a break.

Trust me, this shocks me too.

I have been playing Battlefield One on Xbox One with my husband here and there, but other than that, I have been choosing to watch a show to relax or just listen to music. I just have no idea why. But I will be back! This will not be forever! I know my husband hit a slight slump a month or so ago and he’s back into gaming with no issue. I just take some time I suppose.

But I will be back!…

And I will game again.


7 thoughts on “My Gaming Life is on Pause

    1. Thanks. It is insane and has totally caught my husband off guard. I only play to play Battlefield One with him, and even that seems… ANYWAY – I am not even playing the TellTale Batman game I have been looking forward to. And they have even brought the REST of MASS EFFECT to Xbox One… I just… I want to get out of the slump.

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      1. Sometimes a completely different gaming experience to what you’re used to can remind you of why you enjoy it. I’d been playing Gears 4 lately and became quite lethargic playing it. Then I played a light business management game, something I normally wouldn’t enjoy, and loved it.

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