Mission: Complete


I know I have not been as active: But I swear there is a reason! I have actually been completing games! And let me tell you how much I loved them!

Remember me talking about this and how I was loving the story line? YES! I completed it! And let me tell you, it was well worth it. The acting in it was superb and the introduction of some of the ‘beloved’ characters was very interesting. How your choices affected things show on the emotions of those around and how easy it can make things.

Usually when I do games, I do not regret my choices. I am generally fine and satisfied. But this game – there are actually a few choices (probably huge choices!) that I am curious if I did right and actually want to go back and redo it. I felt bad about some of the ones I did (mostly in regards to Harvey and Selina) and I have never had a game make me wonder if I did the right thing so much. Anyway, very well worth it! And amazing.

They better make a season 2 DANG IT!

Oh, and there was a twist that I almost didn’t see! I mean, when it happened, it caught me way off guard (but in the back of my mind I was like “I guess that makes sense/I should have realized”). And it was epic and awesome and I loved it!

Hear me TellTale? SEASON 2!! NEED!

Another game I have completed – Well, I think you already know, right?


YES! I finished the first! And guys, it was awesome! The characters are just wow and yeah. There were a few times where I was upset – because of how much I enjoyed it. There was a mission where I had to make a choice and let’s just say that I wasn’t allowed to save everyone. I was upset. To me it was kind of obvious who I was keeping because of ‘romantic’ reasons, but I – the goodbye that was given… I am upset over it. I just – ugh! I felt so bad.

And guys, I am officially a goodie-two-shoes. EVERYTHING I chose was Paragon without me meaning to. Like, I was like “Aw, I chose this option” +25 Paragon. There was only ONE thing I did that gave me a renegade points – and I purely did it because my companions freaked me out and made me think that I would be risking so much more people if I didn’t. But THE CUT SCENE! Omg! I felt so bad!!!!!

They were calling for help, and we turned off communications and I was like “I AM SO SORRY! I TAKE IT BACK! I TAKE IT BACK! GO! GO HELP THEM I DIDN’T REALIZE!!” And people made it sound like I did it to booster humanity – I was trying to save more lives. *cries in corner*

But yes, that decision made me feel bad and got me other points that I had somehow avoided the entire game (Besides the ones they automatically give you to start with).

So now I am working on Mass Effect 2! And… it almost turned into a live tweets of my thoughts during it because  I was like “I NEED TO GET MY REACTION OUT SOMEHOW- without disrupting my family because they are doing stuff too.”

And of course, I asked the coolest person who I knew had played Mass Effect series before advice on how to continue (Falcon509 from FalconReviewsBlog) in regard to if it will kill my storyline.

This is my first playthrough and I do not know everything that will happen. Almost going in blind in a sense with some ideas. But I specifically tried to make sure I didn’t spoil anything.

Oh wait… this got off topic.

The point is:


I am finally getting through my list!

Oh my goodness!

They didn’t have one with the Filipino Flag – plus this just looks all sort of neat

But yes! I am back! And I am actually gaming! Kind of. I know, I know, it was a LONG pause. And seriously, I think my husband was starting to lose hope. But I am back and working on getting gaming BACK into the swing of things!

First off, let me say that I did not go completely cold turkey. I actually played ‘phone games’ while I was on my break. Dragon Ball Z and Disney Emoji Blast were the main at first. I also played Orcs vs Knights. So, there is that.

But what is the main game that got me back on board? That I am DETERMINED to play and finish?

me4This girl!

Commander Shepard! Honestly, I know Andromeda is about to DROP, and I HAVE to finish all the games before that happens!

OH, did I mention that they are all BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE NOW on the xBox One? I can play ALL THREE.


YES. As soon as that hit – as soon as I heard that – I honestly started booting up my currently playthrough of Mass Effect and started working on it. I am trying to get it done (while doing EVERYTHING. I already got the achievement of 75% done or something… like, because of side missions and stuff. And exploring. And yeah…. go me!) and wanted to make it through.

Don’t misunderstand me – the game is AMAZING. I love it! It isn’t a struggle to get through it. I just have to remember my goal:


I will NOT be left in the dust on this! Plus I NEED this until the new Dragon Age.




And I have to admit:


Looks pretty darn neat!! (I will probably do a breakdown of the trailer that I highly enjoyed sometime so you can hear how much it actually brought me in and got me excited. For real.)

Guys…. I have to join back and soon!

So… gaming posts a-comin! Just watch out!