Oh my goodness!

They didn’t have one with the Filipino Flag – plus this just looks all sort of neat

But yes! I am back! And I am actually gaming! Kind of. I know, I know, it was a LONG pause. And seriously, I think my husband was starting to lose hope. But I am back and working on getting gaming BACK into the swing of things!

First off, let me say that I did not go completely cold turkey. I actually played ‘phone games’ while I was on my break. Dragon Ball Z and Disney Emoji Blast were the main at first. I also played Orcs vs Knights. So, there is that.

But what is the main game that got me back on board? That I am DETERMINED to play and finish?

me4This girl!

Commander Shepard! Honestly, I know Andromeda is about to DROP, and I HAVE to finish all the games before that happens!

OH, did I mention that they are all BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE NOW on the xBox One? I can play ALL THREE.


YES. As soon as that hit – as soon as I heard that – I honestly started booting up my currently playthrough of Mass Effect and started working on it. I am trying to get it done (while doing EVERYTHING. I already got the achievement of 75% done or something… like, because of side missions and stuff. And exploring. And yeah…. go me!) and wanted to make it through.

Don’t misunderstand me – the game is AMAZING. I love it! It isn’t a struggle to get through it. I just have to remember my goal:


I will NOT be left in the dust on this! Plus I NEED this until the new Dragon Age.




And I have to admit:


Looks pretty darn neat!! (I will probably do a breakdown of the trailer that I highly enjoyed sometime so you can hear how much it actually brought me in and got me excited. For real.)

Guys…. I have to join back and soon!

So… gaming posts a-comin! Just watch out!


8 thoughts on “Oh my goodness!

  1. About time!

    Just kidding. I’m glad that you’ve found your way back here. I’ve been trying to convince my wife to start writing again too, so hopefully she’ll catch a bit of my enthusiasm.

    Way ahead of you on Mass Effect by the way. I’m currently nearing the end of Mass Effect 3 at the moment, so I’m trying to savor the experience as best I can.

    Anyways, welcome back!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Psh. My husband said the same thing just about. I can fit this all in my schedule somehow and be productive!

      And… duuuude. I remember you writing about Mass Effect 2… I need to catch up! Gah!! I will darn it!

      And I am so tempted to ask for your character screen shots! (Because I am a nerd who loves to see the characters others make.)

      I will catch up though. Seriously, them making it backwards compatible totally made me snap out of it.

      Liked by 1 person

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