RPG: Learning Game

Yesterday I was talking to a co-worker and she brought up a game that started as a Kick-Start type of deal that I instantly wanted:

a game to help teach Japanese.

She found out because she put money to help for the Katakana version of the game – and I am excited to find out that there is a Hiragana version! I had memorized MOST of them but as time went by, it felt like I had less time to do the “Study” method I was. But if it were a game (especially an RPG….)

What is the game?


Guys, I want this. Someone get it for me! And then get me the other versions too! *laughs* But seriously, this feels like it could be a lot of fun and something I enjoy. I want to get it. I need them to do this with other languages too! (Like… Korean. Spanish is good too.)

I haven’t tried it yet (obviously if I am practically begging for it ;P) but I am excited to know this exists! Anyone try it? Anyone interested? Let me know! (Please??)


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