Where Have I Been? (Pokemon Moon!)

Well, I kind of ruined the surprise with the title, but let’s pretend I didn’t.
Some may have noticed a lack of updates. Well, guess why?

Life decided I needed to pause on gaming for a bit. WHICH STINKS. Which means I haven’t finished Mass Effect 2 yet (I know! I am crying here.) Which also means I haven’t even thought of touching Andromeda.


But there this fun thing that lets you take games on the go… you know, the 3DS? And there was a game that both me and the husband have been wanting to play. I have mentioned it before as well.

Pokemon Sun and Moon! Now, though I don’t game as much at the moment, I have found moments to play! My husband plays Sun while me on the other hand:


That’s right. And it is actually quite fantastic! I am having a lot of fun dressing my person and interacting with the pokemon. Yeah, INTERACT. I get to pet them, comb out scruff, brush out sand, and all this other stuff as well as feed my pokemon! My husband doesn’t do much of that, but I am enjoying it greatly. I try to keep their affection for me high just in case.


There are a few things I noticed that is a mixed bag in regards to how I feel.


(First off, love how WP has made it a lot nicer to edit photos! Right on!)
Notice something here? Look at the attacks. If you are battling a Pokemon you have caught, it actually lists which attacks are effective against it! And Super Effective. And Not Effective. You don’t see the other examples, but at least you can see where they would put it. I mean, it is cool because you did catch that pokemon and that is how your “pokedex” knows, but at the same time…. I feel like I should be like “That is a water pokemon, grass will do the trick!” But even before you chose the pokemon to switch, it lets you see if that pokemon has effective attacks.

But it definitely encourages you to catching them all instead of just the ones you want so you can have the data, but at the same time I feel like I am cheating somehow. Old school has got a hold of me!


This guy talks to you! Your Pokedex tells you things! Well, kind of. I mean it – I don’t see much of the use, but it is a fun factor. Oh, but this next thing I just about jumped for joy when I saw it:


For those who don’t understand – if you played the old games, sometimes if you had to be away from it for a bit, you could forget where you were supposed to go or what you were supposed to do or whatever. I have started games OVER no matter how far I was because I purely had no idea what I was doing. And it was… UGH

This. This has made it amazing! That red flag…. yeah, that right there? It marks WHERE YOU NEED TO GO NEXT. If it has been a while and you are kind of like “I kind of know what is going on, but no idea where to go-” OMG! Hint! Follow the red flag!

Me. For real. I jumped in joy.

AHHH! I am so excited! Because I take time between gaming and just – ahhhhhhhhh. But I do make sure to check all surrounding areas first BEFORE hitting the flag to make sure I don’t miss anything, but this also “warns me” so I know to make sure to do all that. AHHH!

Now, there are a few more things that are different because of no longer having Gyms but rather Trials and all that, but it still has a similar feel because of it to me. Might just be me.

So, that is what I have been up to in regards to games. Slowly working my way through it, training, getting pokemon, filling up my pokedex…

Have you played? What changes did you like? Which did you dislike?

And for those wondering, no, those aren’t my own game screenshots. Sorry. 3DS – I don’t know how people do that. *laughs*

And for those asking about which starter pokemon I chose, let me say I ALWAYS go with water. So I got this fella:



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