Games I Am Looking Forward To


Oh dang! Wrong blog y’all!


But for real – I have been away for SUCH a long time and I am so surprised because I keep thinking about all the stuff I wanted to write about on here and the topics I could go over and what I should address-

Yet I never did. Big thing – I was in a big slump gaming-wise for a long while.  It was so bad guys that I could not even get into the game I was looking forward to the MOST: Breath of the Wild!!

I know. Mourning.

But I am slowly getting back into gaming and I want to talk about a few games that I am STOKED about and that just might get me back into the good and righteous place that I should be in.  Let’s START!!

First… Let’s address that game that I am all just fangirly over PLUS has not just my husband excited, but my friend and possibly her boyfriend as well!!!


I remember when it was consistently referred to as #SecretIP on twitter and getting teased by those darn Bioware workers! (They are awesome – you should follow them. And they respond and all that jazz! For real. I just -gah!)

We do know that I am essentially a Bioware Fangirl, right? NO? Now you know.

But that isn’t why I am so EXCITED about this game! (Not the full reason anyway…)
I mean, DID YOU SEE THE GAME PLAY on this game! It looks extremely awesome! Open world, still has missions, places to explore, looks like ‘dungeons’ – Sorry, I couldn’t think of a better name for those – and fantastic squad/group playing? Um, YES.

My husband saw the gameplay before I did and he is all hyped up. He said if it truly is as open-world as it looks, they NAILED it. I was trying to tell him about DA:I and the HUGE maps and how it might as well be and – his response? “I haven’t played it. Wouldn’t know.” Fine, I get that. But I have SUCH HIGH HOPES for this because I think they may have just pulled it off and made something utterly amazing.

My friend when she was describing it was DESTINY-type of feel, and I can see that. I think that is what is drawing some people in. They may be hoping for something similar as Destiny WITHOUT the let down. Seeing as it is Bioware, I am pretty sure that the story and background on this is going to be EPIC and on point. She even said her boyfriend would probably play.

Guys, I already got a squad. Yo. And I don’t mind gaining a few more members as well.

This amazing friend also made this for me….

The next one you should already know about because I have actually mentioned it before:



Now this is OBVIOUSLY going to be “The story changes on your decisions” type of thing. What you do effects EVERYTHING and the path you take will lead to different outcomes. I love those. For real. That is why I love TellTale Games. I am all about having people react to what I chose to do and seeing actual results from it.

I was a fan back when they were showing the detective, and I am STILL a fan with this recent trailer type of deal and even more pumped. I wonder if you are going to have a chance to play multiple characters and see it all tie together (the detective, this gentlemen here who is trying to lead the revolution) and all that. I think they mentioned the Android uprising when showing off the detective so I can totally see it all coming together. (I think that was part of why people were so weary of him because of this, right? I have to rewatch that.)

Now I already know what kind of path I will be. I try to be somewhat peaceful and good person. I know this. My husband was talking about maybe trying something completely new and NOT do that. And I told him this: But then I would regret it. I will play the first play through and do the goody-two-shoes and then the second round I can be evil and mean.

That’s right, I said SECOND PLAYTHROUGH. I can already see this being the type of game you play multiple times because there will probably be SO MANY CHOICES and you just have to see what the other outcomes are!

Did I mention I was stoked? Yeah…. Guuuuuyyyyyysssss.


THIS. THIS GAME. Did I mention how much I LOVED AND ADORED the first one? A friend mentioned a “Ni No Kuni II” and I practically already signed up. I actually don’t have much to say because I haven’t seen anything on it yet. But I already have such high hopes for it because of the amazing experience I had with the first game. I trust them.

Simple. End of story.

But I will be looking up everything later. For real.


Did I mention how I LOVE games that make your choices have consequences? I saw the opening for this and called it. I immediately told my husband “That… that looks like Life is Strange! That… that is the room! The person looks like – That has to be!!!”

And it was.

This game was fantastic and honestly, even though I wanted to do a second run through, I am pretty darn happy with the choices I made so I only played it once. From the looks of it, this may be the prequel but I think we get a lot of the “What led up to the madness of the first game” – which I cannot help but wonder how that will work. They have to have it lead to that and…

I don’t know. All I know is that I am just pumped to see this and hope it was as pulling in as the first one. Whoot.


Come on, you cannot even begin to think I wouldn’t include this, right? I think that seeing as this is supposed to be where it all starts and in this amazing country with so much backstory and history and –


In preparation for this, I will be playing Syndicate. My husband is actually putting his bet on Syndicate being the one that gets me BACK into gaming to prepare for this one. Because this looks amazing. He was talking about the bow and arrow and how it is so much better. I mean, it slowing down while he was aiming after he jumped out of a tree? EPIC. EPIC. And there is just so much potential there! I love this series. It is the truth. They do a fantastic job and I am usually not disappointed. (Okay, there is ONE entry that most people tend to not include for reasons, and I may be doing that as well. ;P)


Because, I remember being kind of “I would play that” about this game, and I probably will. But… I am not nearly as excited as I was about the other games mentioned.



That’s it. That is what might get me back into this gaming groove. I have a New xBox One waiting for me at home (Things happen where the other one left us for a while, so we had to get me a new one) and I will probably start playing OVERWATCH and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate to get back into the feel. Yup.

My husband is putting a lot of faith in you guys.
Me and a friend are going to try to play this together but I need to get better at my first person shooter skills…

Which games are y’all excited about? What do I need to look into? I know there is a TON I have missed out on and I just need… I’m coming Gaming, I swear I’m coming! XD


2 thoughts on “Games I Am Looking Forward To

  1. I’m very much looking forward to Detroit. I know David Cage’s games aren’t always well received but I love the dynamic plot line, even if they don’t make sense all the time. Heavy Rain was tremendous fun.

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