Overwatch: Initial Impressions

Yes! I am back! Well… kind of. I am trying to get back into the swing of things again – luckily I have a husband who is HEAVILY encouraging me to do so. So we both tried to figure out something that would hopefully hook me in and get me back into the righteous place I need to be in.

And let me say, it feels good to be back.

But that is probably not why you are here! You want to hear about what I think about a certain game and what I think of it.

Or you are one of those who click on anything Overwatch. Either way, let’s get down to it!


I swear I have been living under a rock when it comes to games lately these days, but EVEN I have heard of Overwatch. It crosses over into many of the social aspects/media that it is almost a must to try to get back into gaming. You don’t play? You probably at least give it a try.

Did you know that there seems to not be a SINGLE USED XBOX ONE COPY of this game at any of the Gamestops I visited? That’s right. You read it. GameStopSSSSSS. I visited multiple in my area. None. No one had a used Xbox One copy. Though I did stumble across a PS4 version – but seeing as my husband and friends are more likely to play on the xBox, I decided against. I mean, it seems like all my friends who have a gaming console who actually play/play with others are xBox people. No complaints-

and completely different topic.

This speaks to not just the popularity, but also how much people are ENJOYING it and keeping them. I like the sounds of that.

So let’s get started, shall we?

First thing you do, of course, get in the game. There is this cute introduction done by Winston – a talking Ape. Talking about Overwatch and how we are needed to help save the world and stop the madness and what not. Now, I didn’t know there was actual story to this. And I think the story stops there. Because…. really….

Love the introduction though. He sounds brilliant but doubts himself in regards to speaking to other … er people?

Anyway – fun  characters and a good introduction.

Of course, there is a tutorial but they make it optional. Me, I’d rather do the tutorial and I am introduce to this character because this is who you use:

I will admit I mess up his name constantly. I keep saying “Agent. Agent 76”. You’ll have to forgive me.

They show you how to shoot robots with it, how to walk and look around. One of the most recognizable characters then also comes one so you can target her and follow her around so your new baby like steps get some practice.

She seems fun! Dude, she was dashing around and I kind of wanted to try her out. Haven’t yet but….

Anyways, perky. Helpful. And wicked fast. I approve.

Most of you already know all of this so I am going to skip forward to the part where I realize the most obvious things to other but weird to me because remember, I never played this game before, and I went in practically blind as to how any of this works.

Fast forward to first game (husband experiencing it with me by the way so I have another person dying and going “WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED”) and I learned something real quick:


Bloody heck guys. For real? I was always a healing type of person in a group so I figured “Hey, no one chose healer, let me do so” and so I chose one of the coolest looking ones:


I am embarrassed to mentioned to this: But it took me a LONG time to realize I WASN’T DOING ANYTHING. What I was clicking thinking I was attacking while I was looking at buttons and what not was that she was healing a team member.


I wanted to shoot something or at least be somewhat useful, so I switched characters. I tried a few.

Yeah, I was failing BADLY at each of them until I got to:

Is D. Va Korean? She seems Korean. I liked it. 

I was FINALLY making some progress and getting some kills and being useful, but then I starting just bombing again. My suit was getting taken out and quickly so I decided I was going to jump to one more character. One that when I first tried it out, I kind of clicked. I understood them and realized that I did the first section well because maybe that was the type of character I should have been playing and given it a chance. I jumped back to:

SOLDIER 76. (That’s right, I said the right name. Heck yes.)


We are back to this guy. And let me say: OMG! It makes so much more sense for me! YES. Finally! This game was FINALLY getting a lot funner because I finally found something I could use decently. D. Va will be my back-up though in case anyone else gets this guy before I do.

I wasn’t the only one surfing through characters trying to figure out one that would finally click. My husband was doing the same thing and had a similar reaction. He wasn’t having as much fun UNTIL he found the right character! His was completely different than mine, but I like that. (I don’t have to worry about my husband taking my character when choosing!)

Turret guy!

It clicked. Finally. And he was voted in a few matches, I actually had a chance during ONE (but we all voted him). So it was cool. We could finally get into the game, have some success and wasn’t dying/being horrid every second! Now, eventually I will try some others, (THERE IS SOMEONE WHO KILLS WITH A BOW AND ARROW HECK YES) but until I actually get decent at this and re-learn how to aim and move and do everything at one time, I will stick with comfort-zone.

Once I realized I would live for a decent time, I could finally look a little bit more at the environment.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Obviously, none of these are my pictures. I haven’t taken any yet. I was focused on trying to not die. But they are good. I liked the style of art it has, easy to navigate, and just a fun feeling overall. So it was highly enjoyable as I watched my character fold into shapes they weren’t supposed to.

This game also was easy to figure out the controls which is quite important. Sometimes I am stuck trying to look at my controller like “What… wait… how do I do that again?” but it wasn’t like that at all this time. And on the right hand side, bottom corner, they tell you which button to hit to use those specials. I am totally happy.

Easy to use. Fun (once you find the right character). Nice graphics. I think I can definitely get into this game.

Who do you like to use? Any tips for this beginner? Have you thought about trying it even?


6 thoughts on “Overwatch: Initial Impressions

  1. Loved reading your experience! I just wrote about my thoughts after clocking in one full year of playing this game, non-stop – it inspired me to seek out other impressions. Soldier is a great starting point (and not just a starting point, either – I LOVE having a good Soldier on my team, no matter what the situation!). Also cool that you dig Diva, another great hero to have on your team. She’s on my list of those I never figured out – I am complete garbage with her. I would recommend trying out Mystery Heroes in Arcade mode occasionally – it forces you to use heroes you would never consider, and on somewhat of an even playing field, in that EVERYONE is getting stuck with characters they are new with. It’s still one of my favorite modes, and has me discovering new things one year in.
    Myself, I love me some Junkrat/Pharah/Roadhog rotation, and if I am feeling like I’m having a good day in terms of accurace, McCree. Over everyone else though, I am a Mercy main through and through. Looking forward to reading more!

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