Ah, when things go right…..

Okay, so…. I recently sold my own Switch but my husband kept his (I have been so caught up in all of my xBox games) but my profile is on his Switch as well so I can easily play games on there as well. 

Let me say, MarioKart is SO MUCH FUN on Switch!

I was extremely excited when I realized THEY BROUGHT BACK BATTLES. Ah! I used to love playing battles with my sister and just having it again has been amazing! And the gameplay feels like it is just a lot better than how it was on WiiU. 

Something we all can play and enjoy! Whether it is me vs my daughter, me vs my husband, or my husband vs my daughter, we have been enjoying it. Yeah – rarity. Have to admit. 

I was hesitant to play at first because I wasn’t sure how much I would actually like it but gamewise it is just as good as when I was a kid.

Biggest downfall though? Small controller means huge handcramps. For real. My right hand just hurt while playing and sometimea we would pass controllers just to give our hands a break. Seriously painful after a certain period of time, but at least it forces me to take a break.

Unless you are playing one person on the full handheld console version of the switch. Then no issues except that you are not playing with someone else. But half the fun is beating – er, I meant – playing with my family. ;P

On the random note – husband greatly enjoying Lego City Undercover.

Sorry this was so short – typing on my phone has proven to be a lot harder than I originally believed. And a lot of rechecking my typing and still finding many typos.

Now…. Onto Witcher III and Overwatch (I am forever hooked it seems like).


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