I’ve Got a Bone To Pick With You…

I will warn you exactly what this post will be about:


I am unsure of how many people know this (I don’t know how long ago I touched on this) but I used to be a HUGE supporter of Playstation who only got xBox for the exclusive game series like Fable. But I want you to notice a BIG word in there that should be screaming at you in regards to how my mindset is changing.

USED. I used to.

Now do not get me wrong. I am not against Playstation/Sony. I still it is a wonderful console that can do groundbreaking things if they would just –

Guys, as a gamer, I have a big bone to pick with you! (Hence the title. Heh.)

My husband and I are both gamers (obviously. I mean, I have mentioned him enough, right?) and it has gotten to the point where we have to consider financials when it comes to what we want and what is worth it for us right now. We both used to be big supporters of Playstation, talk about how awesome, and if there were games for both, it was usually the PS4 and their amazing graphics that got our choice. But lately this is not the case.

Microsoft has made some “Big” moves that has us both wondering: What in the world?
Let me explain why.


We have recently discovered that we have two xBox One consoles in our house, a PS4 in limbo and a Switch. I sold both my PS4 and Switch (but the PS4 was AGES ago) and realized something: I don’t miss it.

Why? Because Microsoft has been offering us more things on xBox that kind of overshadow what Sony has been doing. In fact, if anything, Sony has essentially been driving me (us really) away with some of their choices, though we had not realized it until we were talking.

Playstation has now become in our house what xBox was: A console we have solely for the exclusives.

Two big factors: Game-sharing and backwards compatibility.


Remember the whole debacle about xBox and their game sharing plan that Playstation took FULL ADVANTAGE OF to talk negatively about – and it WORKED? Right. You think that would be the end of it and things would be good.

But it isn’t. Guys, Microsoft has taken it above and won us over in a sense. How?how-to-gameshare-on-xbox-one-300x300

I was SOOOOO unsure about this, but we had quite a few people tell us about how awesome it was and how it worked. Usually we are a physical copy type of gaming family, but xBox has us reconsidering. We now have a couple of digital games purely because of the fact that we only have to pay for one, and we BOTH can play.

That’s right.

We only bought ONE copy of Overwatch, and both me and my husband can play TOGETHER at the SAME TIME and not have to worry about it. We have used this method for Witcher III and will do it for a few other games in our future (Assassin’s Creed Origins, I am looking at you). Why? Because it is cheaper. It is effective, fun, and just all around easy. And legal. Did I mention legal? Oh heck yes.

Playstation does NOT have something that works like this. If we want to play together, we will have to make sure we both have our own copies. Can you hear my heart shattering and my bank account emptying out? No? That’s right, because we will probably be focused on xBox games because of this. (Though Detroit: Become Human may make me submit and get another PS4 soon.)

Truth. This is what I feel like sometimes. Ugh

So, this may not be as big of a deal to many people as it is for me (lucky little buggers that don’t have to worry about money as much or still see the worth in it). But one of the biggest things for me is something I feel like I harp about a lot – but it may just be an “In Person” thing:


I chose this version because look right there in the middle: MASS EFFECT

Because Microsoft has done the miraculous thing of opening backwards compatibility for SO MANY GAMES, I have been able to start marking games off of my list (which reminds me: I really need to update that list!!) and allowed me to look into more things and try stuff I have been DYING to try.

Like Mass Effect. I am working my way through that series now because of Microsoft allowing backwards compatibility. For free. Just updating their lists and letting us know when games are available. (Though I have to admit, guys, I am just WAITING/DYING for Kingdoms of Amalur: the Reckoning to come available. It is one of the most voted up games to do so but from what I here since the company is now out of business and stuff, they are having difficulties. Come on Microsoft, I have faith in you! You can do this!)

One day, I know it is will come. One day.

With this being said and me being SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT, I am Sooooooo disappointed with Sony. I have so many games that I cannot play because I am not buying a PS3 to play those games. I just won’t. They are dying and I cannot just seem to reason with myself to find it worth my while to pay for one when I CAN JUST PLAY THE XBOX EQUIVALENT or find something else to spend my time on because let’s face it: There are SO MANY GAMES.

And what does Sony do?



*clears throat*. Sorry. Hold on. Let me explain:

From what I am hearing, you can now play some of these older games for $9.99 A MONTH. And it’s not for ALL games. No…. it sounds like … you are renting that game and that game only… so if you want another one, that is another $9.99 a month.

Please – someone tell me I am misinformed. That I heard this incorrectly and that Playstation is NOT charging essentially a month per game so I can enjoy these older titles? Please?

No. This has essentially pushed me an my husband away into the willing and loving arms of Microsoft and their wonder console xBox One. 8691442

I am not saying Microsoft is doing everything perfectly: I’m not. But I am saying that a lot of the choices they are making seem to be in my benefit – and in turn theirs. They are turning people who were so adamant about PS4 into xBox One people and I do not regret this change I have come to accept.

Why is this popping up now? I have to admit, this was a discussion we had a few nights ago when we were just talking about random gaming stuff (and we were looking to see if The Reckoning had been made available yet) and just turned into this full blown discussion between us.

I meant to talk about this back then, but I got distracted (*ahemOverwatch,Witcher III,MarioKartahem*) but I have seem to hit a happy lull to write about it now.

I know there are a lot of people out there with different opinions or have had different experiences and I would love to hear about it. Mostly, I want to hear that I am wrong about Playstation Now…. but, what has made you stick/chose one or the other? Have you found yourself leaning more in one direction than before? My husband used to be HUGE into graphics which had him clamoring for PS4, but now he found he isn’t as much into it like he used to be. Me, I never minded and wanted those playstation exclusive games but now…. my gaming tastes may have changed a bit or I just find other things that make me just as happy. Have you changed sides? (For example, used to be a huge xBox gamer but now find you enjoy the PS?)

Let me know. Lord knows I need to hear all sides of the story. Or you if you want to help reinforce what I have stated, GO FOR. I like seeing that I haven’t completely lost my mind and that my thinking makes a little bit of sense.


10 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Bone To Pick With You…

  1. PS Now functions more like Xbox Game Pass, only that you can only stream games. So you can pay the $9.99 a month to be able to play whatever games you want. It’s good as long as you don’t already own the games you want to play and you have a good internet connection.

    The Xbox game sharing is pretty much something that has existed since day one on the Xbox One. I think you can do the same thing with the PS4, if I’m not mistaken.

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      1. It’s a steep price for what you’re getting, which is essentially a rental service. Probably safer to steer clear if you’re on any sort of budget.

        As for the Xbox One vs PS4 sharing thing; the Xbox One had an advantage there because the system was originally designed to operate that way. The PS4 has more or less just carried over the way that the PS3 handled accounts on multiple systems, which is more difficult to use.

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  2. Microsoft – for all the teasing it gets – really kicked up their game to combat PS4’s popularity after all the kerfuffle with the XboxOne release. I do think Sony dropped the ball with backward compatibility, but hopefully they will see the light and change their views on it. I love my Playstations, but it’s sort of annoying to have to plug and unplug consoles from the television if I want to play an older game.

    Having said that, I’m happy for Microsoft and they really have a great product, but I’m still fairly loyal to Sony. Maybe it’s because I still own my consoles back to PS2, but I still haven’t quite been given a reason to switch. BUT since Sony wasn’t working for you, I’m glad Microsoft gave you the type of product you were looking for!

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  3. Just to clear this up for me: If I own 2 Xbox one consoles and I buy a digital game, my wife can log in on one console, myself on the other and we can play it co-op online?
    We were talking about this recently as there are a lot of co-op games that only work with online so this would be really useful.

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      1. We have it set as my husband’s console is the home for both our prifiles and both profiles are on mine as well. And it seems to work perfectly.
        We are going to do the same thing with Anthem to be honest. XD

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