TellTale Excitement!

I cannot express how excited I am right now. Something I have been waiting for is finally coming! Oh my goodness. And I got the news in my email: The funniest part? The one I am MOST EXCITED FOR is the one where the picture didn't work! But I have a remedy: Do you have … Continue reading TellTale Excitement!


All Play and No Work: A Response

People need to read this. Thank you. And Goodnight.


Recently, the New York Timespublished an article about how today’s youth are opting to play video games instead of working. A (non-gaming) friend of mine commented to me that she thought it was interesting, after hearing about video games from my perspective, and after perusing some of the articles here. Maybe video games aren’t the rosy picture I make them out to be? she seemed to tentatively offer.

Well of course they’re not. They are no more rosy than any other storytelling or entertainment medium. Like any entertainment, or any leisure tool, they are helpful or harmfulbased on how you use them. Yes, you heard it here first and all that.

But what of this news article?

The Gist of It

I encourage you to read the above article for yourselves, but the theme of the article is that young people (read: millenials) are opting to play video…

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