Another Game (but not the video kind…)

Hello everyone!

I don’t know if I mentioned it here, but I am on vacation! Yes! And with that, it is kind of obvious that it does not allow me to really play video games (except my husband’s Switch but we are not going into it) so we had to get creative.

Well, we went into GameStop and found…


Yes. Good ol’ fashioned card games! With a video game twist (Mario characters!)! Whoo!

It is something our whole family can play, and have tons of fun!…. Even if your family decides to gang up against you because they are determined to not let you win….. Again.

Amazing what happena when they work together…

But yes. From 7 to 28 (because my mom preferred to watch us and laugh) we had a blast and played quite a few rounds.

(We learned what to watch out for for each other as well. Guys, it geta competitive! But the fun kind.)

Characters characters, everywhere…

I loved how they designed these cards (especially the Pick Up 4!).

I mean, isn’t Bowser perfect?

Other cards were good too.
As you may have noticed earlier, even DK and Diddy made an appearance!

Overall, very happy with this purchase, and definitely helped time fly by. Definitely gets my seal of approval.

Oh the madness!

Okay guys, that is all for me. This is all the airport typing I am willing to do. See you all later – hopefully with a Witcher 3 impression update.


2 thoughts on “Another Game (but not the video kind…)

  1. Yay Uno! I had many a game of this as a kid and it’s nice to see it’s still doing strong.

    I do like video game rethemes of board games. In fact I happen to have Metal Gear Solid Risk sitting in the next room.

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