Blast From The Past: Bully

Bully 01
What a way to start the game.

So, I was going to have y’all guess “Which game is this from?” but seeing as I put the name in the title we will just skip this. I just wanted to touch on this awesome game that I would have never expected to enjoy SO MUCH and how excited I was when I found out I could download it/play it “for free” because of the game sharing thing and my husband already having access to it!

I nerded. Hard core. Let’s just say when he was showing me a list of games I already had access to, I may or may not have squeed when Bully appeared.

Now, let’s get into possibly WHY I enjoy this so much, shall we?

Bully 02
These save screens, I swear…

Let’s start with the character set-up for this game. You get this rough-and-tumble guy who starts out with arguing with his mom and making it CLEAR that he does not approve of this new husband of hers. And they drop him off at this horrible school, cackling as they drive away to their Honeymoon. (Okay, a slight exaggeration, but honestly I do not like his parents. I just get this ugh vibe from them.)

I feel bad for the kid and you can just TELL this place is a mess. I mean – seriously –

Bully 04
Everyone just seems to have like… so many issues that needs to be addressed.

Well, I cannot feel COMPLETELY bad for him. He has been kicked out of schools before this so…

Why do I like him so much? First off, I should start by letting you know his name: Jimmy. Jimmy is someone who definitely has had the hard life, likes to fight, and does the “tough guy” thing very well. But there is something there that makes me feel like it might not be all his fault, he has a reason, but there is still this good inside him.

Plus when he pickpockets lockers, I somehow don’t feel bad about doing it.

He is new to the school, people picking on him/picking fights with him as soon as he gets there. And then two people interact with him:

Bully 03
Gary and Pete

Gary (the one on the left) has always – ALWAYS – grated on my nerves. There was just SOMETHING about him that made me dislike him from the get go. And Pete – the guys I ALWAYS feel bad for. He just… Give the kid a hug and protect him!!

ANYWAYS, this game was about essentially working through the cliques and just essentially it ends up bettering the school – just not quite the way you expect it. You have to fight, avoid prefects, steal girlfriends (in a way) and just essentially take over one group at a time. I love the classes you can do (Math, English, Biology, Music, etc) and find these mini-games to be just all sorts of awesome. Especially Music. There is just something that I am all giggles and celebration about when it comes to that class. The hardest? English. It’s one of those “Make words out of these letters” games and you have to get at least a 50%? to pass. And sometimes I completely blank on words or I get so hung up on one that I cannot think of others.

Similar to this game.

It’s like the game shown above, but in Bully format. With like a chalkboard look and not so fancy/pretty. (I play this game as well but it has shown me how I am not so good at these.) Anyway, it shows how you have a bunch of letters, and you make words and stuff.


I get mini games, I can steal from lockers, I still get to help people, and do the fighting stuff without feeling guilty somehow – because the system/school/people in this game are just horrible! Pete seems like the only good/nice guy.

I am doing these technically bad things but it works out for the betterment (or so I tell myself).  This game is kind of like a guilty pleasure type of thing. And just going through it all and seeing these characters (and some of them actually have different sides and stories and whatnot) and stuff going on.

It. Is. A. BLAST.

I definitely recommend this game. I don’t want to give too much away, but know I definitely recommend it. ^.^


This game is officially backwards compatible –  So you can buy the 360 version and play it on your xBox One! And I am saying – so worth it!!

Anyone else play this before? What do you think of it? Or is it one of those “I will play one day” games? Any games you want to go back to?

(Oh! And! The screen shots of Bully is actually my own! Whoo!)


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