TellTale Excitement!

I cannot express how excited I am right now. Something I have been waiting for is finally coming! Oh my goodness. And I got the news in my email:

The funniest part? The one I am MOST EXCITED FOR is the one where the picture didn’t work! But I have a remedy:

Do you have any idea how ecstatic I am for this? How long I have wanted this? I am just –

Oh my goodness what an amazing thing to find out this morning!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am happy about season two of Batman (it might be my second favorite from them) but Wolf Among Us is what truly got me started and what just sucked me in into the game style/story telling style of TellTale.

I wish I had more to write and could go more in depth but:

1. I am just nerding out.

2. I am on my phone and the frustration of having to triple check and correct limits how much I write here.

So, I just have to ask – any of these calling you?


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