Still unsure what I want to do about this page. I feel like I should talk about myself a little bit, so here it goes?

I am a mother and a wife. A full time student and employee. Yes, for real. And somehow I have to find time to do all the home stuff, work stuff, and student stuff. With all of that madness, I have to find time for myself as well. That is where gaming comes in.

I love it. Enjoy it. And have family and friends who like it as well. My sister plays Guild Wars with me. My husband watches or plays just about everything with me. (Except shooters. Sorry, I stink at those. The only one I was decent at was Halo, because of the sword. Sneak behind someone and *SLASH*) I watch games he plays and he sometimes watches games I play. And we talk about story lines and everything. My daughter even plays. Mostly Nick Jr and on the Wii U for now. But she is getting there I tell you!

I have other friends who play to, and it makes it that much more fun. I have a hard time imagining other people who have significant others who strongly dislike it or people who outright oppose it. Insane.

Oh, and now I have a Facebook Page. Crazy huh?

Twitter too? Yup.

There isn’t much more to it that that… so… I’ll just post a bunch of pictures of my characters from different games. (I only have Guild Wars and Dragon Age pictures mostly right now. I will work on the others.)



32 thoughts on “About

  1. Dragon Age….love that game. So epic…characters are awesome…they need to make this game into a movie. My daughter just started playing video games this summer…and she is a Pokemon master in the making…I think it drives my wife a little crazy, but i couldn’t be more proud of that fact that she is a gamer lol.


    1. Both me and my husband are gamers. Naomi plays games online… educational games count! She is a gamer in the making!

      Oh goodness…. so hard to see them make the movie because of the strong impressions the game made…. and the endless possibilities. But I would watch it. No lie.

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      1. My wife was really into Paper Mario..but that was about it. Little one loves Pokemon and Kirby. I plan on buying her a Wii U…how does your daughter like it? Once I heard about the WoW movie, I told my wife that she had to go to that with me..she doesn’t seem excited about that lol

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      2. My daughter ADORES MarioKart. That is her game! She plays it on her console as well as when we go into GameStop. *laughs* But she does a lot of computer games on like Nick Jr. We bought her one of those Leap Frog things (not the newest one) and she plays games on that when the battery isn’t dead…

        I highly recommend MarioKart though. Hands down.

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  2. Hey! So I have been playing Inquisition a bit..and it is awesome…curious about your choice…mages? or templars? I chose to ally with mages and like everyone in my group hated the decision…did i do something wrong? lol

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    1. Sooooo funny that your group disagrees! Most people go Mages! I personally went templars the first time, but that is because I was drawn by the Templar that spoke out against the Lord Seeker. But the Mages have an amazing quest too (and Dorian. I mean seriously! One of the coolest guys.)

      But honestly, there is no wrong way to go. There is good and bad for each side. I have done both. I am more interested in why you chose mages?

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      1. I guess I was sympathetic to mages because of Bethany in DA2…but I read that the templar story has interesting characters in it. I’m trying to take care of all the side quests before I take on the the last big inquisitor quest. Made me sad when I saw I was almost half way through the story lol. What type of character do you play as?

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      2. I always thought there needed a balance. ;P And yeah, the Mai. Storyline isn’t as long as you think it would be. But there are so many places to discover and so much to do…. and make sure you do those war table missions!

        And mostly people like..
        Ser…. crap what’s his name…. and with templars, your other baddie is Calpurnia. She gets a little more interesting than Sampson, but I remembered him from DA2 so I always felt bad for him.

        Rouge. I love rouges. My first playthrough I was an elf. I have done human, but I need to do Qunari and Dwarf. My first rouge was Andrastian. So she ended up doing things with faith. … she got along very well with Cassandra, to say the least. XD

        What about you? What did you end up going with?


      3. Rogue…love using bows…stick to those in every rpg I play lol. I was kinda hoping this game would be like skyrim…random dungeons and caves that could lead to anything. Not sure there will be a romance for my character, everyone hates him lol.

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      4. Whoa…. EVERYONE hates him? No waaaay. Everyone loves my character. XD And you can always go Josephine, she doesn’t require approval. XD

        And I have to agree. I always need my bows as well.
        And there are dungeon like places or things to solve and things to gather. (I am a bad gamer. Haven’t really played Skyrim. On my list.) Oh! There is this mansion in the Emerald Graves or whatnot that kind of creeped me out. The back story or what not gave me the shivers. Blegh. Kind of a “figure it out” thing though. So I did it because well…. I started it and needed to finish it.

        Still in awe that they don’t like you. Seeing as you chose to partner with mages, I figured Solas or Dorian would like you. XD


      5. Well I talked to vivienne and iron bull after and smoothed it out a bit lol. Oh my gosh, skyrim is a must!!! If you like exploring and customizing your own house..that is the game for you lol. It’s crazy cause you will just be in a random forest…find a cave…and find out that the dungeon is HUGE…and spend two hours in that thing lol. You never know what you will discover, I loved that. And the dungeons were so different…maybe a cave….maybe an underground tomb…maybe an abandoned house…maybe tunnels where you need to solve puzzles to exit…one particular side quest still haunts me…so I actually reset the game and chose to skip it altogether lol. Yeah Solas won’t even talk to me lol

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      6. Wait wait wait… Vivienne? You got VIVIENNE to like you? Holy guacamole! I got her to like me enough for her personal quest, that was it! Gosh darn! And Iron Bull is always a good one. As long as you do your thing and decent, he’ll roll. XD

        My sister tells me the same thing. I have it. It is in my pile of games…. I just have to actually get to it. I am pretty sure once I get into it I will love it. Does it count if I did the online MMRPG version? XD I… got decently far but got frustrated me and my husband tried to play together and it didn’t work like we were hoping. XD

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      7. Oh no she didn’t like me like that lol…I haven’t gotten any personal quests yet…I just be doing something wrong lol. Yeah the game is awesome…just ordered a ps4 so I will finally be able to play the witcher.

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      8. Her personal quests aren’t until later in the game. If you just chose mages, then you have a few missions to go before you get those. My next character is going to be a circle mage so she’ll actually like her. XD Hopefully.

        Oh the Witcher, another I need to play. Wait…. ps4, so that means you can’t play the Trespasser DLC? O.O
        Still an awesome game though. XD

        I have so many I need to play, I need to like have a month off purely for games.

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      9. Im just about to finish all the quests in the hinterlands…stupid dragon is stopping me from collecting all the shards lol. Yeah, summer is my video game season lol. Little one would be on summer break so my days off would be at home instead of a coffee shop, so more time for games. Ive never really played as a mage, I think I will have to buy inquisition just for the PS4 and have a playthrough as a mage.


      10. I think it would be a lot of fun! But unsure of how my writing style would be (I don’t seem to go much into depth on things, but if a discussion is started, I easily get swept up). Plus I am unsure how to even be considered for something like that. But if anyone asked, I’d probably write. ^.^

        AKA: I considered it once, but unsure how to start/unsure if my ‘writing style’ would fit.


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