My “Asian” Inquisitor


I usually don’t concentrate on my character’s ethnicity. But I wanted to try something different. I wanted to try making an “Asian” Inquisitor – with my daughter’s help. She wanted to help design her which is why she has purple eyes and eyeshadow.

So, here are her pictures. Because I felt like sharing her somewhere. (And the “Hawke” that is in this game.)

Whoo!! I was excited about her, not going to lie.

Adjusted Hawke



So, I was surfing


today and the tag popped up. (You know, the title of this entry?) #7FaveGames.

So you know I had to participate, right? Well, I posted it on Twitter (did I ever post my twitter name on here?) and thought why not share it here as well? I am pretty sure y’all can figure out most of it from my posting and what not (well at least TWO of them) but I figured maybe I could make life easier and just post the list here.

Now, to save y’all’s time, I just put the list and compounded the pictures I wanted to use into one thing. But I almost did it like a proper list with explanations and talking stuff. But that is the thing about Twitter and these things. It is supposed to be easy. It isn’t supposed to have explanations. For wordy people like me, it is hard. So I am going to try to stick with that this time. You have been spared. (Plus I am now working on a thing about morality in games, thanks to a ‘comment’ discussion I had gotten in that was a lot of fun.)

Don’t forget to tell me your top 7!

Here we go!

Dragon Age
Assassin’s Creed
Professor Layton
Fable (1,2, and 3)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

It Has been a While…

Nd I know I said I would post more about E3…. but I got caught up. And part of what is funny is that half of it is gaming related. 

Plus the fact that I now have an ASSOCIATES DEGREE! (Next step: Bachelors!)

So what have I been up to?

Goodness… a slew of games. Let us see….

Where did I last leave off? Well, I cannot remember if I mentioned that I had to restart the Uncharted series (which means I have to go through the RED ROOM OF DEATH again.). But mainly that I have started this game as well:

Why? E3 baby! I am enjoying the protagonist that they showed for Dishonored 2. And I just cannot go and play two if I have not played the first…. so there we go!

I also went ahead and broke my heart again. Yes, I played a Solasmancing Elf on 

Did I mention that I finished the TWO EXPANSION PACKS THAT I HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE?? Plus I did a lot of places that I had always skipped and ignored. This play through was an eye opener because I now am starting to realise on all that I truly missed out on. Holy crap I love this game! Flippin Descent as shown me so much more about Dwarves that I must create some dwarf characters soon. ….. after my Cullen-living Mage of course

Oh. Yeah. By the way, I made my first Dragon Age mage. Never done one in the entire series. And my daughter chose her make-up colors: 

(I do have a better quality picture of her that requires me doing some financing and I just don’t want to yet.)

Oh, and I have also started 

 It…. isn’t bad. And honestly I thought I would love it. It has a very “old style gaming” feel to it. And it makes you think. Puzzles and all that. And it is gorgeous. (Seriously, would have never guessed it was an indy game. Well done.) 

For those who like the 2D and complete older style gaming, you will love it. It has a good story, and is very interesting. I play a good hour and a half at least…. I wasn’t completely in it, but my daughter loved watching me play and one day I will go back to it. I. Fact, my daughter keeps asking when I am going to play. I need to finish it for both of us.

I will also probably start 

. You are probably saying “Girl, you need to finish some of those other games first.” And I agree. I will probably confuse myself about the controls on Dishonored because I wasn’t completely used to them yet when I switched and I need to master them so I don’t have to kill many (aiming for killing few. Too late for Clean Hands but I can still work on killing less) and yeah. 

So, that is the story so far. What has been the game of choice for you?

FINALLY – Another Video


Okay, I admit – I have had a VERY slow start this year in regards to my YouTube Channel. I promise I will get better! In fact, I have posted one recently and even have a second one ready to go so I can post it later this week! I am aiming to try to have one video a week at least!

The current Video is Dragon Age: Inquisition -> with a lot of talking from me.

SERIOUSLY. A lot of talking. I don’t know what happened. I think because it is a game I LOVE and ADORE I felt more free to talk? Who knows. Hopefully I get better. *laughs*

And I know what game I will be doing next:

Life is Strange! I know some people have already seen some on YouTube, but it comes out for PS4 tomorrow and it will be the first “New” game I do! Exciting no?

So here it is, the first part in a MANY part series of Dragon Age Inquisition:

And yes, I know the audio clip goofed at the end. I am so sorry.  T.T

Restarting AGAIN – Yet I’m okay with it.

It may not make sense, but if you read my last entry, I can now finish the story.

First off, let me say, I LOVE this place:


The Gamers Club is actually quite a deal if you buy games enough. And you get discounts on other things (Came in handy for Disney Infinity 3.0 figures!). But mostly, I like them because of two main factors:

  1. Price Matching (Even Amazon as long as it is from the Amazon store itself – Amazon Prime is good.)
  2. Easy to work with in regards to returns/exchanges.

Or at least the stores I visit!

Back to my story…

So, I brought in my PS4 that crapped out on me and ate my game (Literally walked in and said to the front door guy “I need to exchange and it ate my game!” I am pretty sure I sounded pathetic from the “aw you poor girl” look he gave me). So I went to customer service, and before they exchange it, they wanted to make sure I got my game so I had to go to Geek Squad.

The PS4 decided to play nice for them and turn on. But they said it was a good idea to exchange just in case it tries to do it again… because once it happens once…

Anyway, brought it to Customer Service – game in hand – and easily exchanged for another refurbished one.

And it works wonderfully! So far. We’ll see. But I think my husband has it so it will save my gamesaves on the PS Network. I will have to double check with him.

Because I lost EVERYTHING. Tomb Raider, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Disney Infinity (2.0 AND 3.0)… any PS4 game I have played.


I was sad about the Dragon Age part (I had already started recording for YouTube and was preparing to edit and put voice together when I found out) but you know what? That’s okay. Now I can thoroughly record for YouTube and what not and just play. And be happy. My YouTube Channel might have more going on it from now on. I am going to try to be more consistent. And now that I have this all fixed… Whooo!

But … New Inquisitor, yes?


Okay, I went heavy on the makeup (I didn’t notice the liner until it was too late…) but she isn’t bad. XD

Dragon Age: Origins

Because I adored Dragon Age: Inquisition so much, I decided I just had to play the previous ones as well!

And did I mention I have the best husband ever? He bought it for me!


With trade in credits at GameStop. Told you he is the best. Anyway, I am very excited to see what all comes from this.

Now since is my first playthrough, I will be slightly annoying because I will aim to talk to every person, do everything, and try to finish off an area before moving on…. if my husband watches, it will drive him crazy.

But now as I start, I understand a lot more of what people in the Fandom are talking about.

My husband said he knew I was enjoying it because I was yelling and laughing. (“TRIATOR!” Was the big one he was referring to though.)

Oh, for those curious, I chose City Rogue Elf. Those jerks! Not even married for a blasted minute! Ugh! XD

Have you played it before? What did you start with? What was your beginning like?

Promised Pictures of My Inquisitors!

Because we all know we had to do more than one run through to try different options as well as other romances.

And apparently I chose similar hair styles and hair color on both. I could have SWORN one was darker than the other. I wonder if I can change that somehow. Anyways, like promised – Drats, turns out the pictures I took weren’t the best ones, but I can live with that. And yes, they are both Elves. I didn’t plan ahead well for that. I didn’t know about races and who can romance and blah blah. Plus, I love elves anyway.

Oyoa (romanced Cullen):


Arianaya (Romanced Solas):
11953466_1162969050398831_747967704211713936_o 11894638_1162969013732168_5839001495374094803_oAnd yes, I have a third one right now. Romancing Iron Bull. Name is Ruth. She is human. And then I am going to do a dwarf. Qunari don’t interest me right now, but I may do that as well just to say that I have done all of them. We’ll see. Anyway, so far, these two.

I really need to get a better shot of the first one. She has better ones that that. *laughs*


My Human Mage. By the way, she has RED hair. Really red, yet I always take pictures in terrible lighting apparently. And next time I am going with a completely new hair style. As much as I wish they had longer hair, they don’t, and these two hair styles are being played out by me. *laughs*

Ruth (Romanced Iron Bull):

12038677_1172821632746906_1947742157560052996_o 12027173_1172821086080294_7166077907758075165_o