The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Remastered!

E3 News y’all!

Now, I cannot remember if I have mentioned here about my interest in Skyrim. I have tried it before but couldn’t get into it, but I think it was because I was trying to play a LOT of games at one time.

And after my PS3 died, I thought I had lost all hope. And then THIS HAPPENS:


COMING TO PS$ (and xBox One and PC). They are doing a REMASTER so we can play! This was announced #BE3! (Bethesda E3 announcement.)

Thanks to Gamespot I was able to get all of these pictures and information. Note: I haven’t taken a screen shot of ALL the shots shown, but I did just about most. Here for your viewing pleasure (Click on the pictures for SLIGHTLY bigger versions!):

PS3 vs PS4

xBox360 vs xBox One

Other Cool Features:

You read that right… MODS ON CONSOLES. Holy cow!

Plus additional fun news for those who may already have it for PC:


Where did I get all of this info and updates? Check out that link above to GameSpot. Also the E3 Expo/E3 Insider.

Opinions? Thoughts? Just all out comments and celebrations? Let me know! I know I am stoked because I just really wanted to give this game another shot and this is the PERFECT opportunity.


Oh… Abandoned Games


Why the picture of this poor toy duck? It appears to be abandoned like some of the games I have started. Now, it may seem like I am actually finishing them (which I am! I am doing so much better!), but I have come to realize that I started some and then got caught up in others that I just stopped playing, thinking: “I’ll come back to that soon.”

I haven’t yet.

Kind of makes me feel bad. But after I finish this Uncharted Game (and Assassin’s Creed) I will start up some of the ones I wanted to work on.





But in all fairness, I would have to restart Skyrim entirely. Because I just….

I might not remember anything from it. Kingdoms I can easily pick that up oddly enough. I have done it before, and I can do it again. Batman I don’t want to start over, so I will continue when I can. What’s funny is that I loved them when I was playing it.

But Dragon Age: Inquisition SUCKED ME IN so much I just went down a different path and didn’t look back. I started realizing which ones I started when I was writing that list of games I want to play and marking which ones I have started and which ones I have finished. It … floored me. Whoa. So I started looking through entries. And ta-dah! I found out when I was lead astray.

*laughs* So after I finish the first Uncharted you see me talking about these games again, you’ll know why.

I am determined to finish them darn it!

Skyrim – 07/16

First off, that is a pretty cool picture. Wish I could link to it, but the site is all in another language so …. Sorry.

Now… where was I? Oh yes, I actually played a little bit yesterday as well. Not much though. And I almost feel like I should have played a different game. (Poor Batman… he is being ignored for now. I should try playing that tonight.) Anyway I was trying to discover areas a little bit before going to the next place. Can I say that the places are much closer than the map has them appear? I thought they would be much farther, and then I trip over the town I was supposed to go to. I am kind of happy, because it means reasonable traveling in regards to getting to places. But I was also prepared for the long haul and a lot of walking. My husband made it sound like it took eons… but then again, I am much more into RPG games so things like this I am used to.

Anyway… I was walking around, trying to discover areas on the map just for fun, when I came across some farms. Then a stable. Turns out to be Whitehall, the place where my next ‘main mission’ is. Dang. So to avoid it, I notice this image thing looking like it has tusks. I had no idea what it meant. (Some might be going “Idiot! Look it up!” or “Idiot! It means Giant Camp!” or “I have no idea what you are talking about… horrible description.”)

Just so you can see it (and for future reference for me):

Do you see the one I am talking about? It is on the bottom row, right hand side under “Camps”. The tusk one that says Giant Camp.

Yeah… wish I knew that.

And I didn’t save before going over. Yeah… apparently I didn’t learn my lesson. T.T So… I walked over. (Keep in mind I was trying to hunt things because I wanted to make leather to make lighter armor so I can move faster and adjust my playing style… I will talk about that later…). So I got excited: There was a Woolly Mammoth! Imagine the Leather I can make from that! So I walked over. I noticed these ugly things and was like “Oh, I should be oka-Whoa… they’re big. Maybe they won’t – crap. I died.” One hit. Boom. My first interaction with Giants. Yeah… I am not the most brilliant person at night apparently.

So it loaded back up… to a point before I reached the farms. I lost all the extra stuff I collected on the way, and the sneaking level I gained and – really? Crap. So, I rediscover the farms, the stable, and found some wolves to get their hides. Then, I suck it up and go into Whitehall. But before I go into that…

I have to ask: What is the best way to hunt? I was trying to take down a Moose and was able to get in a decent distance, but one shot of the bow doesn’t take it down, and it left before I got any others. Do I just rapidly fire arrows so hopefully it hits him multiple times and bring him down? I just want the hide!


I guess I will just have to work on it and my skills.

ANYWAY: Back to storyline. I was in Whitehall, talked to the Jarl (nice guy) and he introduced me to his magician. He then talked about getting a stone tablet from Bleak Falls Barrow. Instant reaction:
NOOOOOOOOO! I don’t want to go back! (See previous entry to find out WHY). Then the most beautiful thing happened: An option of “Oh, you mean this old thing (Hands over item)”.

I danced.

Not literally, but I felt like it. And now I can buy property in Whitehall??? I need to earn a LOT of money! And I will. Because I want to find out how to do so and just because. Another reason to start hunting!

And… that is about where I stopped. I was about to follow the general lady (her name starts with an I or L) to attack a Dragon (I think).

So, now you see into my crazy tired mind. Sorry about that. I need to start keeping track of names, because I truly do love storyline. It is one of the reasons a lot of people recommended it. “You like RPGs and Storyline? You HAVE to try Skyrim!” So I am working on that. It’s just… I am getting so caught up in everything that it is kind of cool.

Still working on the weapon thing. Any recommendations?

Skyrim – I can now play it!


I did it! I figured out how I can play Skyrim easily every time I get on so I don’t mess up the buttons and allow myself to be able to enjoy it. And the answer is the book listed above; the manual.

I used to be a manual girl for the games, because they didn’t used to teach you how to do everything from the get go in a tutorial. They didn’t. So you had to read the booklet to learn things. Not so much anymore. So I have been trained to pretty much ignore them.

Skyrim needs it. It has one. And for a good reason:

20150714_220144Yeah. I know. This fixed a whole bunch of problems for me. And I can still reference to it.

Now… that I can now play it (and remember to save constantly) I got farther into the game. Let me tell you, that Golden Claw Mission at Bleak Falls Barrow….. Scared the CRAP out of me.

Like, usually I explore and I have no issues and don’t mind things attacking me and handle it with ease. (Like Amalur: Reckoning. No issues what-so-ever.) But this place just send shivers down my spine and I rushed through the mission. I didn’t explore much just enough to complete the area. Which is WEIRD for me. I might be able to go back later to do a more thorough look, but for now, I was satisfied. *laughs*


I figured it all out pretty easily. I remembered the thief mentioning that there were symbols on the claw so I was able to put two and two together. (Ha. Figuring out how to look at the claw was the harder part. Don’t judge me. ;P)

By the way: BIG FLIPPIN SPIDER! EWW! I jumped. I can handle spiders in most games, but that one creeped me out.

Heart attack. I saw it, backed out of the room into the hallway, and waited for it so I can hit it without having to see it much…

I put my person in 3rd person. I can’t do the first person that well in this place apparently. *shudders*

But now that I am looking at it after the fact, the Nord things aren’t as creepy. Maybe playing in the dark with the door closed at night when I was tired may not have been a great idea. But I did get most of the map area. If I felt safe enough, I went to explore – And ran through. I missed a lot of linens and armor that I should have picked up to sell.

Also: I need to figure out a better weapon for me. I want something that deals a lot of damage but is fast. This slow hammer thing is killing me. I can’t do bows and arrows all the time, because it doesn’t work for close combat – which happens most of the time. So I need to figure out my playing style. And figure out the magic thing. I might just go into the wilderness to mess with the magic to see how much I like it and if I should improve those skills. I need to figure out a Skyrim playing style that suits me… and that will be much harder than some other games apparently.

I miss my chakrams:
Chackrams ss-038But I bet that I’ll find something I like here. ;P

So, I have an odd question for y’all: Do you know of a way to take GOOD pictures on the PS3? I have been resorting to my phone, and we know that doesn’t do well with TVs.

Behind the Times – Skyrim

And so, even though I am working on my Batman series, I decided to mix it up and play one of the other games I have mentioned:

That’s right, I entered the world of Elder Scrolls another way: Skyrim. Now…. keep in mind, I usually play RPG’s that tend to be MMO. So… Elder Scrolls Online and Guild Wars (once upon a time World of Warcraft. I can’t afford that madness which lead to the switch to Guild Wars and I have been happy ever since…).

I am unsure how I feel about this game right now. I know it is older so I need to excuse the graphics. And the choices to make the faces. No. Why I am so frustrated is the fact that it can freeze any moment and all the work you did gets undone to the point where you saved it.

That’s right…. I didn’t save nearly as much as I should have. I didn’t know!

I had to RESTART this twice. I remade characters twice. (Once I had to restart it before I reached the character maker.) I am glad for the second character remake though. First time I chose a wood elf and I wasn’t happy with how she looked. Yeah… plus my playing style didn’t suit their specials very well. I ended up going Imperial. I think.

Anyway…. after the frustration, my husband told me he had the same issue. He LOVED the game, but told me I had to save often, because the game was glitchy/buggy like that. Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?

Okay, so I am now playing. I have to say, I like the map set up in ESO much better. But I also am a doofus and didn’t know that while you are on the world map, you can go “local” to see better. I kind of wish it was a bit more set up like Kingdoms of Amular: The Reckoning – but that is another game entirely (that I love).

I am being told to stick with it and that it does get better: I am told it is worth working through. I just learned how to blacksmith, so I will keep working on it. PS: save before entering a store or going into a town. I accidentally stole something without meaning to. And killing chickens kind of have a Zelda effect: Except the town folk come after you instead of the chickens. Like I said, SAVE. It erases all mistakes. *laughs*

So, I have reached the first town after the escape. I am going to help the trader people regain a golden claw… or at least I will when I play again. Right now, I am playing the Reckoning, and then I might play some Batman.

Now that I am getting a handle on the controls… Skyrim might start getting better… but my switching games might not help me retain it…. I might have to work on that.

Disappointed: Wha?

So, after getting so excited about the Enforcer thing on Elder Scrolls, I found out that they might not be releasing that PvP thing for others. What?

So… the information I found might not be relevant. They were thinking about doing it once upon a time, but have no plans at the moment to actually do it?


Back to just normal leveling up and mastering that crafting thing.

Justice System in ESO!

I just found out about it, and I have to say: I AM STOKED. You have no idea. Usually I tend to not do much of the PvP stuff (even in Guild Wars…. *shrugs*), but for something like this, I might branch out of my comfort box to do it. Because the idea is quite exciting.

How did I start looking up the info?

Honestly, my husband had to talk to someone really quick, but he didn’t want to get kicked out of the server for Elder Scrolls Online due to inactivity, so he asked if I could walk about for him and what not. While doing so (and going to the bank to lighten his load) I came across the entry for Outlaw Refuges. I had NO idea what that meant or what it was for. My husband was aiming for a good character (like I do) and I didn’t want him to get a bad rep for going in, so I searched online – while trying to walk around.

During my search, I came across the Justice System information for ESO. This is AWESOME. Why? I want to do the Enforcer stuff! Gwah! How it breaks down:

(PS: Where I found all of this info.)

Now in Elder Scrolls, you will be punished for stealing things – where apparently they didn’t before? Anyways, when you steal something and you are caught, it raises your Reputation/Bounty. You try to steal without guards/others seeing (unless you avoid it completely like I do) but sometimes you get caught. And this raises the guard’s notice of you.

There are three levels of “Bounty”:
Disreputable – the lowest level. All guards will generally ignore you unless you approach them.
Notorious – You’ll be chased down by the guards, who enlist other guards to assist in the pursuit.
Fugitive – The highest level. Guards will always try to kill you. You need to wait until bounty goes down or you can try to find a way to “clean” your reputation.

Well, to balance those who steal, there are those who want to help get justice against the thieves: Enforcers.

That is what I am going to try to do!

Anyways, according to this info: “Becoming Enforcer is easy: you need to find one of Enforcer Towers (these towers are usually located near big cities) and talk with NPC there. After you declare yourself as Enforcer you will get a special tabard. Put it on and you will be able to see acts of crimes and bounty level of all players.”

That is not it~

How to stop criminal? Enforcer can attack criminal engaging him in PvP fight. If Enforcer wins he can loot corpse of his enemy player and take all stolen goods. These goods must be returned to one of Enforcer Towers. When Enforcer returns stolen goods he receives reward for that.

How sweet is that? But there’s MORE

Being Enforcer is not a boring duty: you can attack Outlaws and you also have access to special bandit caves. When you travel around the world you come across special clues that give you hints to location of bandit caves with chests and other objects. These chests are filled with stolen items. You can take these items and return to Tower getting reward in return.

I. LOVE. THIS. I am so going to do this! I am going to have to work on raising my level though so I don’t die against others, but unfortunately, it seems like everyone else has more time to play and level up than I do. (I should be trying right now, but I think the husband is getting on to play. I just have to wait.)

How cool is this system? Just adds another level of awesome and something to look forward to. Now I just have to find these Enforcer Towers to get my character ready….

Beware to all who try to steal! ;D

What side are you guys going to choose? Are you going to be an Enforcer?