So, I was surfing


today and the tag popped up. (You know, the title of this entry?) #7FaveGames.

So you know I had to participate, right? Well, I posted it on Twitter (did I ever post my twitter name on here?) and thought why not share it here as well? I am pretty sure y’all can figure out most of it from my posting and what not (well at least TWO of them) but I figured maybe I could make life easier and just post the list here.

Now, to save y’all’s time, I just put the list and compounded the pictures I wanted to use into one thing. But I almost did it like a proper list with explanations and talking stuff. But that is the thing about Twitter and these things. It is supposed to be easy. It isn’t supposed to have explanations. For wordy people like me, it is hard. So I am going to try to stick with that this time. You have been spared. (Plus I am now working on a thing about morality in games, thanks to a ‘comment’ discussion I had gotten in that was a lot of fun.)

Don’t forget to tell me your top 7!

Here we go!

Dragon Age
Assassin’s Creed
Professor Layton
Fable (1,2, and 3)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Oh… Abandoned Games


Why the picture of this poor toy duck? It appears to be abandoned like some of the games I have started. Now, it may seem like I am actually finishing them (which I am! I am doing so much better!), but I have come to realize that I started some and then got caught up in others that I just stopped playing, thinking: “I’ll come back to that soon.”

I haven’t yet.

Kind of makes me feel bad. But after I finish this Uncharted Game (and Assassin’s Creed) I will start up some of the ones I wanted to work on.





But in all fairness, I would have to restart Skyrim entirely. Because I just….

I might not remember anything from it. Kingdoms I can easily pick that up oddly enough. I have done it before, and I can do it again. Batman I don’t want to start over, so I will continue when I can. What’s funny is that I loved them when I was playing it.

But Dragon Age: Inquisition SUCKED ME IN so much I just went down a different path and didn’t look back. I started realizing which ones I started when I was writing that list of games I want to play and marking which ones I have started and which ones I have finished. It … floored me. Whoa. So I started looking through entries. And ta-dah! I found out when I was lead astray.

*laughs* So after I finish the first Uncharted you see me talking about these games again, you’ll know why.

I am determined to finish them darn it!

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – 7/19

Yes, this is the game I have been playing a lot. I thought I was close to getting done. I was SOOOOOO wrong. Which I have to admit I am really happy about. I never realized how big the map was until I was curious one day, and went to see how far I could scroll out.

I was amazed.

I didn’t realize I barely touched any of it. Do you know how big the map is? Oh, let me show you:

Do you know how much I have done?

AmalurMapThe circled part in blue. And that blue arrow points out the next area I am about to go to. (Ysa.)

What does this mean? This means I will be taking a break from it to play other games in-between. I won’t stop completely, because I LOVE this game. I was really hesitant about some missions (For the Traveler’s mostly. That Star Camp and having to steal things just has me iffy. I normally don’t do it, but I cannot not have a quest done. Plus, this isn’t like Fable. My reputation isn’t quite on the line.) But I did them. I am at the point where there are almost no quests left in this area: Which was my goal. I keep worrying that I am missing something though. Because sometimes it won’t show on my map until I am near that area. Or until I enter a building!

I might just have to jump around a bit to make sure before I keep moving forward. I need to get those books as well… but I have a feeling that that will only be finished way down the road. I haven’t seen any markers for it lately, and I actually aim for them. As well as some sort of map completion. Ha.

Which somehow reminds me I need to make a lot more health potions. I might storing all of the ingredients and such that I have to make things… Because they are honestly taking up so much room in my inventory. I run out of space quickly. It kills me that I have had to leave weapons behind that may have sold better. *laughs* I could have destroyed some of the not so great ones (Which I have started to do more of recently) but I have to scroll and look for the lowest of the low level stuff… and did I mention I have a LOT?

But I am glad with my progress. I have decided to go for Finesse/Sorcery Destiny. It fits me best. And I have Chakrams and a staff right now. But I am probably going to go back to my daggers. Those things were much better. Staff is too slow for me. Oddly enough.

I shall try to take an updated picture when I have a chance. My character looks decently cool. I still want to find a way to take better pictures on the PS3 and such. My husband was talking about how I could start a channel playing these older games and such and record what I do. It’s too late for this game, but who knows. I have barely started Batman, and I have barely started Skyrim. And I haven’t even started Uncharted yet nor have I started Tomb Raider (Still haven’t gotten it yet sadly).

Oh, the thoughts. We could see how that goes.

Have you played this game? Have you finished it? How far are you? I want to know!

Character Picture

I promised a picture of my character from Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, right?

20150713_213110Sorry for the poor quality. Unfortunately, it is on my PS3 so getting a picture of it is a bit harder for me. But you get the gist. I am sad you cannot see her red hair! Oh well. At least it’s up… time to add to “About Me” Page as well. ;P

….. Yes, that means that was the game I played last night. I think tonight I will tackle Skyrim. I finished the series of quests I wanted to last night so ….

I am determined to continue Skyrim to see why it has all of the hype…

Another Game- Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning


Did I ever mention how much I LOVE this game? The handling system is pretty nice. I just have to refresh my mind once in a while to use it, but now I am good and it is so handy. How to set up the radial, how to easily access it during battle, still able to drink potion and such and yes… I love it.

How did I come across this gem?

Actually, it is kind of funny…. because in a long round about way, it is because of this Series:


You may be wondering… Wha???

Okay, so here is the deal. I LOVE Fable. (Sense a connection? No? I’ll keep going.) But we had gotten rid of the Xbox systems for a bit. (And we got it again, and then got rid of it again.) I have defeated the entire series (except the original! On my list people!) but I wanted to play it again. But we just had Nintendo and Playstation systems. So I wrote on my Facebook, reached out to my friends, asking for a game kind of similar to Fable. I wanted where my choices effected my reputation, but I can get houses and have tons of quests, etc. And so a couple of my friends (I mainly remembering the beautiful SaraH telling me) about this one. And so I picked it up.

And when I can, I keep playing it.

In fact, my husband walked in last night and was surprised: I was playing this game. (I have had this game for AGES… okay, months…). The only reason I haven’t been playing is because I just didn’t have time for a loooong time. (Why did I buy the other games then? Well… it was a GREAT deal, and I am going to make time to play them! I cannot keep doing other sorts of other stuff. I need to have fun too!)

He thought I would be playing Batman or Skyrim. I told him “I got a little frustrated with Skyrim becuase of the handing. I wanted something I am used to.” And I was serious. I adjusted to Reckoning easily. And readjust after playing other games easily. (Skyrim is KILLING me control wise. Batman is fine, but I feel like I am always in detective mode and my eyes needed a break.)

And I was telling the truth.

So, for all of those looking for a random game that isn’t quite mentioned nearly as much as others, I say play Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning! I enjoy it a lot. Agree or disagree, I cannot help but like what I like. ;P

(I will post a character picture later. I keep changing her hair between red and blonde. For a Dark Elf, she does it pretty well.)