Mission: Complete


I know I have not been as active: But I swear there is a reason! I have actually been completing games! And let me tell you how much I loved them!

Remember me talking about this and how I was loving the story line? YES! I completed it! And let me tell you, it was well worth it. The acting in it was superb and the introduction of some of the ‘beloved’ characters was very interesting. How your choices affected things show on the emotions of those around and how easy it can make things.

Usually when I do games, I do not regret my choices. I am generally fine and satisfied. But this game – there are actually a few choices (probably huge choices!) that I am curious if I did right and actually want to go back and redo it. I felt bad about some of the ones I did (mostly in regards to Harvey and Selina) and I have never had a game make me wonder if I did the right thing so much. Anyway, very well worth it! And amazing.

They better make a season 2 DANG IT!

Oh, and there was a twist that I almost didn’t see! I mean, when it happened, it caught me way off guard (but in the back of my mind I was like “I guess that makes sense/I should have realized”). And it was epic and awesome and I loved it!

Hear me TellTale? SEASON 2!! NEED!

Another game I have completed – Well, I think you already know, right?


YES! I finished the first! And guys, it was awesome! The characters are just wow and yeah. There were a few times where I was upset – because of how much I enjoyed it. There was a mission where I had to make a choice and let’s just say that I wasn’t allowed to save everyone. I was upset. To me it was kind of obvious who I was keeping because of ‘romantic’ reasons, but I – the goodbye that was given… I am upset over it. I just – ugh! I felt so bad.

And guys, I am officially a goodie-two-shoes. EVERYTHING I chose was Paragon without me meaning to. Like, I was like “Aw, I chose this option” +25 Paragon. There was only ONE thing I did that gave me a renegade points – and I purely did it because my companions freaked me out and made me think that I would be risking so much more people if I didn’t. But THE CUT SCENE! Omg! I felt so bad!!!!!

They were calling for help, and we turned off communications and I was like “I AM SO SORRY! I TAKE IT BACK! I TAKE IT BACK! GO! GO HELP THEM I DIDN’T REALIZE!!” And people made it sound like I did it to booster humanity – I was trying to save more lives. *cries in corner*

But yes, that decision made me feel bad and got me other points that I had somehow avoided the entire game (Besides the ones they automatically give you to start with).

So now I am working on Mass Effect 2! And… it almost turned into a live tweets of my thoughts during it because  I was like “I NEED TO GET MY REACTION OUT SOMEHOW- without disrupting my family because they are doing stuff too.”

And of course, I asked the coolest person who I knew had played Mass Effect series before advice on how to continue (Falcon509 from FalconReviewsBlog) in regard to if it will kill my storyline.

This is my first playthrough and I do not know everything that will happen. Almost going in blind in a sense with some ideas. But I specifically tried to make sure I didn’t spoil anything.

Oh wait… this got off topic.

The point is:


I am finally getting through my list!

The List Goes On!!

I haven’t been on much, this I know. I am trying to get some gaming time here and there and exploring different games. I have been helping my husband on his Forza Horizon 3 (to get all the streets and with some barn finds – and to wreck his cars apparently):


I tried ReCore (which was actually a LOT of fun! I might have to buy this game). Honestly, once I was able to get a hold of it, it was easy to figure out and had a nostalgic type of feel to the game place. And it was BEAUTIFUL. My screen captures do NO JUSTICE.:


I tried playing FIFA – the newest one, because the whole “The Journey” actually appeals to me. I might buy a sports game just for that part. Because… I am a sucker for that. Not going to lie. (Not my clip for picture):


I also started playing Sunset Overdrive! (It has been out forever but I have been wanting to play. I was trying to hold off and finish all current games, but let’s just face it – I am not good at this ONE GAME thing. Unless it is Dragon Age.)

I may or may not have changed her look a couple of times.

But yeah…. I’m not far in many games – in fact, two of those were trials/demos. But you get the idea. I don’t get much time to play, but I try to make it worthwhile. This was fun y’all.

(And you already know I am playing TellTale Batman, right? ;P)

When Things Happen…

As I mentioned last time, I started playing Batman: Telltale Game.
And I LOVE it! It is fantastic and just some of the things I am like “OHMGAWD IT IS…” and then I have to get back in the game because “Crap! I was supposed to hit what button again?”

In my defense, I only messed up Once when it counted. There were a few others that I may have missed but it didn’t have any long term effect. Thank goodness.

Anyways, I did finish Episode one (thought I would not get Twitch to work – so much easier on PS4), and I was excited to jump to Episode Two.

Someone was kind enough to inform me that they are not all out like I thought (Well then… wait… does that mean I am not SO FAR BEHIND like I normally am?!?!?) but that Episode Two is out.So Yay! Season pass with Xbox One disc.



There is a goof-up! It keeps prompting me to buy the next episode, but I should be getting it without having to pay!! The game even says “Purchased but not downloaded.” So I went through this whole thing trying to figure out what I did wrong.

My husband got involved too.

And turns out – it wasn’t my error. There is an issue.


4 pages of people saying they are having the EXACT same problem. I go cry now?


The game is GOOD. Y’all, I am so pleased with the story so far.


I am not going to spoil it for anyone here (YouTube is a whole other story. I am going to post all chapters from the episode when I get a chance. Because…. I have to record audio. That is so much harder than you would think it would be. XD Or I could post without me talking…. Hmmmmm.)

But I am stoked. And while they work on fixing this whole thing (seriously, PLEASE be soon, I want to continue. If I would have realized it wasn’t fully out yet, I would have waited.) I am going to go play Mass Effect.