My Gaming Life is on Pause


I have hit a point I never thought I would; I need a break from gaming. I know, a collective gasp from everyone. But right now, I cannot find the motivation to play my normal games and continue with story lines or decide if this person shall live and how it may affect the overall gameplay.

Skyrim has come out today. I had no idea. I cannot even keep up right now because –

I guess I just need a break.

Trust me, this shocks me too.

I have been playing Battlefield One on Xbox One with my husband here and there, but other than that, I have been choosing to watch a show to relax or just listen to music. I just have no idea why. But I will be back! This will not be forever! I know my husband hit a slight slump a month or so ago and he’s back into gaming with no issue. I just take some time I suppose.

But I will be back!…

And I will game again.

It’s Been Too Long

I haven’t had a chance to play a game in a LONG time! (or so it feels like.) So I am a bit on edge these past few days…. I feel like this is what I have been doing:


But we are going to FIX THAT TODAY!! Today we got a game I have been excited about since I heard about it.


I love TellTale series. Their games are just fantastic. And from what I hear, they did wonderfully with a different story/side of the Batman tale! I just- there is no passing that up!

I’ll let y’all know about how it is. I will try to be on Twitch and post on YouTube as well.

FINALLY gaming. You have no idea how the struggle has been this past week.

So I Stumbled Across This Online Article…

Do we all know about my love for:


Well, we should. I love this game – yet have somehow never finished it. And I need to. For real guys.

ANYWAY – I stumbled across this: Awesome Video Games No One Bought
Guys, GUYS, the picture that showed when I was randomly reading online had a screen shot from Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning! So you KNOW I had to click.

And what was the first game? Yes. This article already was in my good graces.

I don’t recognize a lot of the titles (I am a Gamer, but not a “Deep Gamer”), but I have added a few more because of this list.
Like Beyond Good & Evil. (Because it is apparently available on Playstation Network and Xbox Live?)
And Okami. (Gameplay inspired by Legend of Zelda?)
And Dark Cloud.
And Valkyria Chronicles (I remember seeing this before and wanting to play it! Never remembered the name.. but now I know!)

But I thought I would share it for those who enjoy reading things like this. And because my nerdiness brought a huge love because of the first game mentioned.

What do you guys think of the games on this list? Any of these you have a love for that you would like to tell me about? Because I would love some input on the ones I listed – because I have limited time already, is it worth going back for them?

My Newest Obsession: Town of Salem

One day at work, a patient, my boss, and I were talking about some games we loved and highly enjoyed. She talked about this game called Mafia – and once she started describing it, I nerded out because I remember a game like that but it was called Werewolf and I learned it at DragonCon.

So, not only did I get a fun “down memory lane” trip thing, I also missed that game. No one else seemed to know it. So I tried to see if there was a way to play it online.


I have been playing this like 3 days straight. (When I can.) Let me tell you:


This game. Is just. Amazing.

If you are familiar with Mafia and Werewolf, you’ll catch on quick. If not, here is a rundown.
You and a group of people are assigned a part in this Town. There are innocent people (referred to as Inno) who are the different townsfolk. Each person has a job. Doctor heals people. Sheriff investigates to help figure out people’s roles so they can figure out who the bad guys are. Investigators get clues to what a person’s role might be. You know, a group of people trying to work together to Lynch/Hang bad people – Usually the Mafia.

Mafia is a group of people who kill anyone non-mafia related at night. Godfather is the lead, and then there are others. Generally there are 3-4 per town/game played. Your job is to deceive the innocent townsfolk so you can continue to do your dirty work.

Then, there are others. Just random others. Werewolf (YES), Vampire (Rare), Arsonist (Stinkin hard to play, let me say), Jester (is trying to get themselves lynched and then gets revenge on those who voted guilty), and others. Seriously, I haven’t gotten to try all yet.

Anyways, it is trying to use logic, your noggin, lying, and figuring out people and what they say. It is fun. Of course you get your party poopers once in a while, but it can work I tell you!


This is the setup. It isn’t huge, but yeah (As you can tell, the townspeople are clearly LOSING this particular game. In fact, I was dead and can be seen talking to other ‘dead’ people.)

The only thing I really dislike – When people just up and quit. Leave. I mean, SERIOUSLY? If you aren’t going to play, don’t join a town! If you don’t like your role, just do it anyways, otherwise you ruin it for others.

I also recommend staying when dead. You can talk to some neato people there too. And also, do NOT take things personally! If I lie to you because I am GF (Godfather) and my goal is to kill you, do not take it as a personal offense. It is a game y’all. That is how it is played.


If you want to whisper (which I don’t recommend often because it makes you look guilty a lot) then you type:

/w (Name of person or their number) Type message here.

Do NOT include the ().


Picture of a “Night” shot as a Mafia Member. (Not me. I had to look this one up. I always get so caught up I forget to take pictures. For real.)

Want to play? Go for it! Want to add me? Sure! Seriously, I am easy to find. Look up “Oyoa”. I will add you. I can help teach you.

Not every game will be awesome. There are some dumb people who ruin it or can be annoying. Tough. What game with others do you know that DOESN’T have that? Keep with it. It is fun. Hard to understand? You’ll get it, I promise. And don’t be afraid to ask me for help. For real.

And that, my friends, is my newest obsession. Besides Dragon Age, of course. ;P

Something I Haven’t Done In A While


You win brownie points if you know what this is from.

I have come to realize that I haven’t played a PC game in a while (unless you count Facebook games – which we don’t. At least not for now. ;P) and wanted to see how my characters looked. And to see if I still remembered how to play Guild Wars 2. (oooooh Answer!)

Just so you know: I do.

And this picture makes me laugh.
“What are you doing?”
“It’s for the picture!”
“What in the world are you talking about?”
“Oh you messed it up by looking at me!”

Yes, where was I…

Right. Playing the game. I was continuing on my journey to complete the map, when I just randomly really wanted to work on Storyline quests. Let me tell you – Being a level 80 DOES NOTHING. Seriously. I died so many times being surrounded by stupid fire crabs who were only a few levels above being half my level. It was utterly pathetic. Seriously. How does – why-

So to make myself feel better, I took pictures of all the characters I have. No, I don’t know why it made me feel better. Yes, I am a little shallow with my characters. No, I don’t care what you think. ;P

I really wanted to get into this again. But I truly believe this game in particular is just SO MUCH BETTER when playing and leveling up with someone else. Most of the guild I am in is no longer active.

Oh right, I promised pictures….


Yay name similarities! Oh, if someone else using “Oyoa” for something on Guild Wars, it is NOT me. These are my ONLY Guild War characters!

Oh, the results of me trying to play? I just couldn’t. This is one of the few that I really did not want to play alone. It seems odd because I like doing the story quests and exploring, but it is just so much better with someone else.

Restarting AGAIN – Yet I’m okay with it.

It may not make sense, but if you read my last entry, I can now finish the story.

First off, let me say, I LOVE this place:


The Gamers Club is actually quite a deal if you buy games enough. And you get discounts on other things (Came in handy for Disney Infinity 3.0 figures!). But mostly, I like them because of two main factors:

  1. Price Matching (Even Amazon as long as it is from the Amazon store itself – Amazon Prime is good.)
  2. Easy to work with in regards to returns/exchanges.

Or at least the stores I visit!

Back to my story…

So, I brought in my PS4 that crapped out on me and ate my game (Literally walked in and said to the front door guy “I need to exchange and it ate my game!” I am pretty sure I sounded pathetic from the “aw you poor girl” look he gave me). So I went to customer service, and before they exchange it, they wanted to make sure I got my game so I had to go to Geek Squad.

The PS4 decided to play nice for them and turn on. But they said it was a good idea to exchange just in case it tries to do it again… because once it happens once…

Anyway, brought it to Customer Service – game in hand – and easily exchanged for another refurbished one.

And it works wonderfully! So far. We’ll see. But I think my husband has it so it will save my gamesaves on the PS Network. I will have to double check with him.

Because I lost EVERYTHING. Tomb Raider, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Disney Infinity (2.0 AND 3.0)… any PS4 game I have played.


I was sad about the Dragon Age part (I had already started recording for YouTube and was preparing to edit and put voice together when I found out) but you know what? That’s okay. Now I can thoroughly record for YouTube and what not and just play. And be happy. My YouTube Channel might have more going on it from now on. I am going to try to be more consistent. And now that I have this all fixed… Whooo!

But … New Inquisitor, yes?


Okay, I went heavy on the makeup (I didn’t notice the liner until it was too late…) but she isn’t bad. XD

It Ate My Game….

Many will find this silly. You may understand.

I am slightly distraught. Nothing serious in life happened but this  that I
Refurbished PS4 bought from Best Buy ATE MY GAME.


I went to turn it on last night, and it did this thing where the blue light came on, then it BEEPED and just gave up. Shut itself right off. WITH MY GAME INSIDE. *cries*

Guess which game?

91thinewwml-_sx385_You know… THE ONE I HAVE BEEN STOKED FOR because I have games saves now for the older games and have exported them! New experience… and I cannot even..

Heartache. I tell you. Plus I was going to check on my Disney Infinity House and see if I could pick up Tomb Raider again. I just-

Did I mention heartbroken? I am going to go to Best Buy today to exchange it because it hasn’t even been a week so I am within policy…
Just… *sigh*