It Has been a While…

Nd I know I said I would post more about E3…. but I got caught up. And part of what is funny is that half of it is gaming related. 

Plus the fact that I now have an ASSOCIATES DEGREE! (Next step: Bachelors!)

So what have I been up to?

Goodness… a slew of games. Let us see….

Where did I last leave off? Well, I cannot remember if I mentioned that I had to restart the Uncharted series (which means I have to go through the RED ROOM OF DEATH again.). But mainly that I have started this game as well:

Why? E3 baby! I am enjoying the protagonist that they showed for Dishonored 2. And I just cannot go and play two if I have not played the first…. so there we go!

I also went ahead and broke my heart again. Yes, I played a Solasmancing Elf on 

Did I mention that I finished the TWO EXPANSION PACKS THAT I HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE?? Plus I did a lot of places that I had always skipped and ignored. This play through was an eye opener because I now am starting to realise on all that I truly missed out on. Holy crap I love this game! Flippin Descent as shown me so much more about Dwarves that I must create some dwarf characters soon. ….. after my Cullen-living Mage of course

Oh. Yeah. By the way, I made my first Dragon Age mage. Never done one in the entire series. And my daughter chose her make-up colors: 

(I do have a better quality picture of her that requires me doing some financing and I just don’t want to yet.)

Oh, and I have also started 

 It…. isn’t bad. And honestly I thought I would love it. It has a very “old style gaming” feel to it. And it makes you think. Puzzles and all that. And it is gorgeous. (Seriously, would have never guessed it was an indy game. Well done.) 

For those who like the 2D and complete older style gaming, you will love it. It has a good story, and is very interesting. I play a good hour and a half at least…. I wasn’t completely in it, but my daughter loved watching me play and one day I will go back to it. I. Fact, my daughter keeps asking when I am going to play. I need to finish it for both of us.

I will also probably start 

. You are probably saying “Girl, you need to finish some of those other games first.” And I agree. I will probably confuse myself about the controls on Dishonored because I wasn’t completely used to them yet when I switched and I need to master them so I don’t have to kill many (aiming for killing few. Too late for Clean Hands but I can still work on killing less) and yeah. 

So, that is the story so far. What has been the game of choice for you?

Altair and Uncharted – The Struggle

First off – I haven’t been on much. I know. Okay, I HAVE been on, but I haven’t been WRITING.

Big difference, I know.

First, let me say I have been ill. Secondly, I have been making progress on TWO games:

Assassin's Creed


Seriously. The bottom one y’all know I am doing my YouTube videos for. The top one is when I need to take a break and just get some consistency and less *gasp* and heart jumping.

Can I say something about this guy:


HE DOES NOT LISTEN! I have had so many struggles just YELLING at him! “Don’t go that way!” “No you idiot! I said CLIMB that.” “Don’t DO THAT! I just-” “Run you idiot RUN!” “ARE YOU KIDDING!” “You were supposed to jump on that-that-”

My favorite one so far:

“You’re supposed to be one of the BEST ASSASSINS and you can’t even DEAL WITH WATER??”

Just seriously. I have had so many moments where I am just RAWR at him and my husband comes out of his gaming room to see what in the world I am doing. Frustration I tell you! I never realized how much of a “Guy” Altair is! He just doesn’t listen! Doesn’t follow directions!

(In case you can’t tell, there was  little joke. No, I’m not hating. Just… it was funny when I thought it. C’mon, have some humor. I am a female Asian and I make driving jokes all the time.)

Just seriously.

But I truly think I am getting close to the end! I have Lucy telling me all about the Pieces of Eden, and I have been reading emails, and that coded message Lucy got – We will be there soon – and just… something is GOING DOWN. I am very excited. I cannot wait! Gwah! I have heard what the ending is many times. But some of it is starting to make sense and it is just-

I am excited. What can I say. I have been recording my playing so far, and what I will probably do with it (Because most don’t like seeing gameplay from the original Assassin’s Creed because it is too repeatitive) is a “Last time on Assassin’s Creed…” and then lead to Assassin’s Creed 2.

Speaking of videos:

Yeah, I posted another one. Hence the whole “Uncharted” part of this section. Now, gameplay wise, I am a little farther in the game. (Probably a lot farther.) But I had to work with adding my voice and such to that.

(I have a new mic that has MUCH better recording quality and I love it and I… don’t think talking about it fits much here.)

But this game… I really need to keep playing it so I don’t forget how to handle it. But I also realize that I need to have more then one game series going on, and I was hoping for Assassin’s Creed to be the other series going on. I just… I have to get past the first batch.

Drake may not listen to me as much as I would like him to, but at least it is better than Altair!

The struggle is real people! And it causes me to die! In game of course.

I will try to keep updating in regards to gaming and my first time experiences with these older games. Behind the times, but catching up! Loving this!

Did you experience as much frustration as much as I did when playing these games? I would love to know I’m not alone.

Uncharted Series: Part 3

Yes, I am actually continuing this. *laughs* I just… life got complicated an busy. But I am good now! So I can continue! I have part three today and I am hoping to have the next few parts worked out over the weekend so I can post on a most steady basis.

We’ll see.

Sorry that the sound quality isn’t the greatest in this one… and I am showing something I would have normally edited out:

Vine problems.

But I am getting ahead of my self. Hopefully this isn’t too bad!


Scared. The. DAYLIGHTS. Out. Of. Me.

Oh my goodness.

Oh. MY. Goodness!

For those who have played Uncharted, why was I NOT warned?? These THINGS just –

I think I screamed. Or yelled. Or was yelling at the screen something like “GETAWAYGETAWAY OH MY GOD!”

Whaaaaat? Have no idea what I am talking about?

descendantsunchartedTHIS! These things! I wasn’t sure what they were!

At first I was like “They are some sort of Mutated MONKS!” because they had the lion cloth and the whole looks and just – seriously.

And I am stuck essentially UNDERGROUND and have to shoot these things off? Did I mention that I am not that great of a shot? I did decently enough, but with the low lights and the red light and the warning sounds and everything –

I just about died. Well, I did die a few times for stupid reasons and had to start all over and I was devastated because I thought I was finally PAST that part and it just ugh!

But… I think the husband who overheard me had a hoot. Because apparently I was entertaining. I was NOT entertained.

Not true, it was pretty exciting and all that, but still…

Freaked out. *shivers* Gives me the hee-bee-jee-bees.

I cannot wait to get past this part. Seriously. Wahhhh!

Current Games…

There are two games I am playing right now and working on for the YouTube Channel!


First off, let me start with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune –


Amazing! I am highly enjoying the “Treasure Hunter” type feel, but the guy is completely different then I thought he would be: He is hilarious. He is a bit like a normal guy – and he gives this feel of a “book nerd” that was determined to prove a point. He knew he was right, and then worked on making sure he had the stamina for the adventure. I am probably completely off, but that was how he made me feel. And I enjoy it!

I found myself laughing so much at some of the lines and the dialogue. Fantastic. Only thing that kills me: SHOOTING THE DARN PEOPLE. I mean, I am not the best shot (and I have a couple of trophies for headshots on the game) but sometimes it feels like it is never ending with these things! And… I recently got to a point where the-the possessed monk looking things freak me out. And the red lights going off and I’m underground.. *shivers* Freaked. Me. OUT.

You hit the twist in the story line, and I am just so caught up! I also have been playing it like days straight when I can. (Technically for over a week, but it is only for a few hours a day. This Holiday Weekend though I got a lot of time in.)  I need to edit my voice section, and I’ll have quite a few videos ready! (Seriously, I can do like weekly or bi-weekly updates at this point with how much I did.)

I don’t think I’m near the end, but I could be wrong! I may be close to the end with this game… and I am ecstatic for the next ones! Seriously. Once I get over this whole shooting thing (I’m getting better darn it!) I’ll be set! And I don’t know why they keep trying to tempt me with other guns. I am sticking with the two I have thank you! I do so much better with them.

With all the excitement and on the edge and the OHMIGODWHATWASTHAT and STAYAWAYSTAYAWAY AH!! things I was doing, I had to do something else to just wind down.

So, I started Assassin’s Creed yesterday. Here’s my go:


I know, I know. People are like “Just skip this one and jump to the next! Watch the ending on YouTube!”. But GUYS, I want the FULL experience! I hear that Altair is still one of the best characters! There are a lot of people who like him!

Plus, I have to adjust to the system for this sucker. I am not a pro and need that adjustment time. Darn it. *laughs*

“But it’s SO REPETITIVE!” <– Quote my husband.

But you know what? I am perfectly fine with that. I need some repetitiveness in my life in my game right now. Beating people up and helping the underdogs, yeah… I can do that.

And some of the fun stuff and things in the details … a lot of people have missed it or something. I enjoy it. I won’t be killed by it. It is interesting to hear some of the conversation.

And I have decided: I am doing all the stuff in the city that I can before I even do story stuff. I want to save all the citizens, do all the pick-pocketing, do all the eavesdropping, as well as the “interrogations” before I do story stuff. I don’t want to get cut off from it. I’m getting good at it darn it!

And I FINALLY got Counter Attacks! You have no idea how much better I felt when I could Counter Attacks! I usually just stay in protective positions and wait for counter attack strikes. Get hurt less that way – or so I hope. ;P

Almost died once. I was like “No, no way. There is absolutely no way I can die…” and somehow saved myself by blocking enough. Whew!

Don’t worry, I will not post a whole walkthrough for Assassin’s Creed. I am just going to piece the main parts together and that will be it. My main video focus right now will be all my Uncharted ones.

Firsts in two great series – Not bad for a start I’d say. Not bad at all.

What were your favorite games/series? What about your favorite part of these two games?

Behind the Times: Uncharted Series

I FINALLY have a whole other series added to my collection! We have had the Special Edition Uncharted 3 for quite a while. And now I have the first two! (Unfortunate story: My dog, when my back was turned and I was talking to my husband, she got on my bed, stole my case and chewed it up. I was able to save a cover and had a backup case to use… but I was VERY upset. Gr.) But here are the new to to complete that series (For now until I start PS4 games).

20150719_201545(Sorry for the poor picture. I didn’t realize it was so blurry. I will try to fix it sometime soon if I get a chance.)

Another series I have been dying to try. I mean, come ON. It’s like Indiana Jones but not for the museum! It sounds like an amazing storyline and I just.. Gwah! I think it is why I kind of like the sound of Tomb Raider. That type of story like thing going on. Anyways… super excited!

Still going to work on the other ones first. I just realized how BIG the Kingdoms of Amalur game is. I thought I was close – oh NO. I’m not. But that is for another entry.

This one is about how excited I am about this guy now being in my ever growing collection: