1886 – My YouTube ramble


Ah yes, I still post these. I meant to do it like once a week, but we all know how that goes sometimes. I should do a couple in a row for a couple of days, but things do not work out that way.

With that being said: This is mostly my rambling. Trying to get used to the idea of it all and figuring out what all I want to do with it. It started as a practice just to get my voice out there. Now it is fun.

I’m Back at it Again…


I have come back from the dead! Oh something like that. I decided to be closer to my real self and talk. And let me tell you, I didn’t realize how much I had in me. I talked. And may have repeated myself, but you know what, that is okay. That is me.

Games you want me to talk about?
Particular gameplay that you want me to show?
Just a topic you want to hear my opinion?

Tell me. Because I am going to actually make sure to spend time at least once a week making a video, talking, and posting here. You know me, I may post more than that (I mean, this is ME we are talking about) but let’s get this started!

Thank you all for dealing with me. Because let me say: Holy crap I can talk a lot.

But I’ve been told, some wouldn’t have it any other way. *laughs*

I will now go hide in a corner while this all goes one.

Odd but Real Question (YouTube Related)

Yes, you read that right, I am asking about what you watch on YouTube.


We all tend to watch gaming videos, and some of us subscribe and all that jazz. (Hello BioFan and LadyInsanity! I love those channels.) But I have to ask:

What do you prefer?

The channels where people are playing games but talk about just about anything/everything?
Where people barely talk and if they do it is game related?
Or people how talk but it is ALL game related?

I am rethinking about starting working on my channel again and working with it. I don’t believe I chose the right format for me last time – Including the fact that I am making an new intro video.

But would you watch someone who talks about anything?
Or do you purely watch just for the Gameplay?

Which YouTube Channels do you prefer/like?

Let me know! Thanks.

FINALLY – Another Video


Okay, I admit – I have had a VERY slow start this year in regards to my YouTube Channel. I promise I will get better! In fact, I have posted one recently and even have a second one ready to go so I can post it later this week! I am aiming to try to have one video a week at least!

The current Video is Dragon Age: Inquisition -> with a lot of talking from me.

SERIOUSLY. A lot of talking. I don’t know what happened. I think because it is a game I LOVE and ADORE I felt more free to talk? Who knows. Hopefully I get better. *laughs*

And I know what game I will be doing next:

Life is Strange! I know some people have already seen some on YouTube, but it comes out for PS4 tomorrow and it will be the first “New” game I do! Exciting no?

So here it is, the first part in a MANY part series of Dragon Age Inquisition:

And yes, I know the audio clip goofed at the end. I am so sorry.  T.T

Uncharted Series: Part 3

Yes, I am actually continuing this. *laughs* I just… life got complicated an busy. But I am good now! So I can continue! I have part three today and I am hoping to have the next few parts worked out over the weekend so I can post on a most steady basis.

We’ll see.

Sorry that the sound quality isn’t the greatest in this one… and I am showing something I would have normally edited out:

Vine problems.

But I am getting ahead of my self. Hopefully this isn’t too bad!


Getting Used to This YouTube Thing…

I think I will be more consistent from now on in regards to posting. Or at least try to have a video out a week!

I know, I still sound… a little uptight? Because I feel awkward for now. But it’ll get better! I am hearing better responses because I started scolding Drake for not jumping when I said to….

And I even made my own banner for YouTube. Yeah… It’s not the best thing in the world, but it’s better than it was, right? Now I need a logo for my user pic…

Yeah, my part 2. There are going to be a lot of them. And I think I will have a WHOLE video devoted to my EPIC FAILS at shooting and stuff. We’ll see. It involves yelling and frustration. But that is later on.

I am kind of excited to reach the part eventually where I freak out. But that will be for a while….

Give me criticisms. Like, what will help it so you might actually WANT to watch. *laughs*

But for now… Viola!