The List Goes On!!

I haven’t been on much, this I know. I am trying to get some gaming time here and there and exploring different games. I have been helping my husband on his Forza Horizon 3 (to get all the streets and with some barn finds – and to wreck his cars apparently):


I tried ReCore (which was actually a LOT of fun! I might have to buy this game). Honestly, once I was able to get a hold of it, it was easy to figure out and had a nostalgic type of feel to the game place. And it was BEAUTIFUL. My screen captures do NO JUSTICE.:


I tried playing FIFA – the newest one, because the whole “The Journey” actually appeals to me. I might buy a sports game just for that part. Because… I am a sucker for that. Not going to lie. (Not my clip for picture):


I also started playing Sunset Overdrive! (It has been out forever but I have been wanting to play. I was trying to hold off and finish all current games, but let’s just face it – I am not good at this ONE GAME thing. Unless it is Dragon Age.)

I may or may not have changed her look a couple of times.

But yeah…. I’m not far in many games – in fact, two of those were trials/demos. But you get the idea. I don’t get much time to play, but I try to make it worthwhile. This was fun y’all.

(And you already know I am playing TellTale Batman, right? ;P)

Sometimes it’s the little things.

Today, I will not be extremely wordy, nor will I have a lot to talk about – for I am on my mobile phone. 

But I did want to show you this cool Xbox One controller cover that the hubby gave me (my husband, for those whose brain may not work the same way as mine):

Neat right? The Forward logo shows a lot better on my controller because it is white- compared to my husband’s black elite controller. I even took another shot (because the phone I have now has a much better camera):

That is all from me today. I bet some of y’all may be going “Thank goodness.” ;D

Blame lack of time on computer.

When Things Happen…

As I mentioned last time, I started playing Batman: Telltale Game.
And I LOVE it! It is fantastic and just some of the things I am like “OHMGAWD IT IS…” and then I have to get back in the game because “Crap! I was supposed to hit what button again?”

In my defense, I only messed up Once when it counted. There were a few others that I may have missed but it didn’t have any long term effect. Thank goodness.

Anyways, I did finish Episode one (thought I would not get Twitch to work – so much easier on PS4), and I was excited to jump to Episode Two.

Someone was kind enough to inform me that they are not all out like I thought (Well then… wait… does that mean I am not SO FAR BEHIND like I normally am?!?!?) but that Episode Two is out.So Yay! Season pass with Xbox One disc.



There is a goof-up! It keeps prompting me to buy the next episode, but I should be getting it without having to pay!! The game even says “Purchased but not downloaded.” So I went through this whole thing trying to figure out what I did wrong.

My husband got involved too.

And turns out – it wasn’t my error. There is an issue.


4 pages of people saying they are having the EXACT same problem. I go cry now?


The game is GOOD. Y’all, I am so pleased with the story so far.


I am not going to spoil it for anyone here (YouTube is a whole other story. I am going to post all chapters from the episode when I get a chance. Because…. I have to record audio. That is so much harder than you would think it would be. XD Or I could post without me talking…. Hmmmmm.)

But I am stoked. And while they work on fixing this whole thing (seriously, PLEASE be soon, I want to continue. If I would have realized it wasn’t fully out yet, I would have waited.) I am going to go play Mass Effect.


It’s Been Too Long

I haven’t had a chance to play a game in a LONG time! (or so it feels like.) So I am a bit on edge these past few days…. I feel like this is what I have been doing:


But we are going to FIX THAT TODAY!! Today we got a game I have been excited about since I heard about it.


I love TellTale series. Their games are just fantastic. And from what I hear, they did wonderfully with a different story/side of the Batman tale! I just- there is no passing that up!

I’ll let y’all know about how it is. I will try to be on Twitch and post on YouTube as well.

FINALLY gaming. You have no idea how the struggle has been this past week.

Sudden Silence…

To hear me be this quiet can be unsettling, right? Just kidding – but there is truly a reason behind my disappearance:


I KNOW! I AM FINALLY PLAYING IT! Thank goodness for Xbox One backwards compatibility! And I am hooked. I cannot even…

I didn’t record like the first mission nor did I record building my character… Wait.. maybe I did… I didn’t STREAM it. Because hubby was like “That’s an old game – people aren’t going to watch.” And I am sitting here going “But it is my FIRST PLAYTHROUGH. Genuine reactions! And I know people like people play awesome games for the first time and such. And I haven’t looked into/ruined what will happen or anything. I am taking it all as I go. (I did look up one code though because I didn’t want to kill everyone. T.T I shouldn’t have. I should have tried to do it legit…. I regret that decision.)

Anyway, it is fascinating. I have to admit, I was up until about 5 this morning playing it. …. I had NO IDEA that much time flew by. It is fantastic. Hopefully they will have 2 for Xbox One or whatever soon. Because I want to plaaaaay.

And we all know I am going to show pictures of my Shepard, yes? What I should have done was go with one of the longer hairs… but I will have to learn to live with it.

The editor on this felt a lot harder to work with. So as soon as I deemed it decent, I was like “YES! She looks good! Done!”

She looks like she has a hint of Asian: Was not intended. Honestly, besides my current Dragon Age: Inquisition character, they tend to be a lot more Caucasian in appearance. So that was neat.

Finally driving the Normandy. I think I am getting the hang of it! I should have checked out one system that I bypassed – I can easily get back to it but I am on a ROLL when it comes to these missions y’all!

OH! And I finally am getting the shooting! When the red triangle gets thick – it is AIMING for them. Which is why the aim is so important! I thought I had to keep doing the aiming myself (LT) and I died like twice. Now, I know I don’t have to. I GET IT. Whoo!

Oh, and I am definitely turning into a Paragon apparently. And my charm and decription is decently high. I need to fix the Electronic one though. Denied TWICE. Booooooo. But I want to improve Sniper! Gah! Decisions! (Oh, and I let the members update themselves automatically. Yeah…. I feel like it is them acting rather than me choosing how they should be.)

I have another post I am working on. It is in Drafts, and somehow I am not finishing it yet. … it is another fun “I was MENTIONED on someone else’s blog (*coughFalconReviewscough*) and I am WAY EXCITED AND I AM DOING IT TOO” that seems to escape me. I keep opening it to write it and then stare at it. Like this: O.O
I am telling you, it will be done. Until then… What is that? Mass Effect? I need to catch Saren? ;P

So, this “Twitch” thing…

You would think with ALL I have to do and trying to be a responsible adult, I wouldn’t spend time trying to figure out things that aren’t exactly…. high on the priority list.

You would be dead wrong. *laughs*

Guess who figured out


Come on, one little guess?


That’s riiiiight! Mwuahahah! More ways to BUG the internet! Awesome, right? I am stoked. You guys, for real. Now, I need to figure out how that works with recording on El Gato, if my speaking also records, and whatnot. For real. Oh my goodness. This is exciting new territory.

EDIT: No, I didn’t forget to link it even though I was talking about it. Psh

My Twitch Channel

Battlefield 1 Open Demo Video~

Didn’t I tell you? Didn’t I mention that I actually did this? And guys – GUYS – I had a few kills!

And you know I included them in this video. I may die a lot, but I got some! 4 in a row at one point. Go me.

No wonder n00bs (like me) do sniper. For real.

Yes. I talk. I will get my voice out there! And I told I am not too annoying. ;P