Sudden Silence…

To hear me be this quiet can be unsettling, right? Just kidding – but there is truly a reason behind my disappearance:


I KNOW! I AM FINALLY PLAYING IT! Thank goodness for Xbox One backwards compatibility! And I am hooked. I cannot even…

I didn’t record like the first mission nor did I record building my character… Wait.. maybe I did… I didn’t STREAM it. Because hubby was like “That’s an old game – people aren’t going to watch.” And I am sitting here going “But it is my FIRST PLAYTHROUGH. Genuine reactions! And I know people like people play awesome games for the first time and such. And I haven’t looked into/ruined what will happen or anything. I am taking it all as I go. (I did look up one code though because I didn’t want to kill everyone. T.T I shouldn’t have. I should have tried to do it legit…. I regret that decision.)

Anyway, it is fascinating. I have to admit, I was up until about 5 this morning playing it. …. I had NO IDEA that much time flew by. It is fantastic. Hopefully they will have 2 for Xbox One or whatever soon. Because I want to plaaaaay.

And we all know I am going to show pictures of my Shepard, yes? What I should have done was go with one of the longer hairs… but I will have to learn to live with it.

The editor on this felt a lot harder to work with. So as soon as I deemed it decent, I was like “YES! She looks good! Done!”

She looks like she has a hint of Asian: Was not intended. Honestly, besides my current Dragon Age: Inquisition character, they tend to be a lot more Caucasian in appearance. So that was neat.

Finally driving the Normandy. I think I am getting the hang of it! I should have checked out one system that I bypassed – I can easily get back to it but I am on a ROLL when it comes to these missions y’all!

OH! And I finally am getting the shooting! When the red triangle gets thick – it is AIMING for them. Which is why the aim is so important! I thought I had to keep doing the aiming myself (LT) and I died like twice. Now, I know I don’t have to. I GET IT. Whoo!

Oh, and I am definitely turning into a Paragon apparently. And my charm and decription is decently high. I need to fix the Electronic one though. Denied TWICE. Booooooo. But I want to improve Sniper! Gah! Decisions! (Oh, and I let the members update themselves automatically. Yeah…. I feel like it is them acting rather than me choosing how they should be.)

I have another post I am working on. It is in Drafts, and somehow I am not finishing it yet. … it is another fun “I was MENTIONED on someone else’s blog (*coughFalconReviewscough*) and I am WAY EXCITED AND I AM DOING IT TOO” that seems to escape me. I keep opening it to write it and then stare at it. Like this: O.O
I am telling you, it will be done. Until then… What is that? Mass Effect? I need to catch Saren? ;P


6 thoughts on “Sudden Silence…

    1. I am mostly focused on like Electronics, Decription, and Charm. Seriously. I don’t know why I put points elsewhere at this point. XD

      OOOOH! Who would you recommend to put on a team??? I have been doing Kaidan (but I am now guessing romances do not work the same way as DA) and Garrus. But I want to try some of the others as well. Does it matter/make a difference between a well balanced team or not?

      First runthroughs are rough! XD Fun, exciting, addicting, but like… Ahhhhhhhh.

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